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On right: The Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota, who was elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic on July 25, 2015, during a special convention held in Epiphany Cathedral in Santo Domingo. He is 58 years old, and is currently in charge of two congregations, a school, and a day care center in the central city of San Francisco de Macorís. Pending the required consents of the other diocesan bishops and standing committees, his ordination and consecration as Bishop Coadjutor is scheduled for February 13, 2016.
Information about the Bishop Coadjutor-elect
The website of the Dominican Development Group now contains three articles with links to more information about Bishop Coadjutor-elect Quezada in both English and Spanish:


The "Answers to a series of questions" document contains a section with Bishop Coadjutor-elect Quezada's thoughts on the work of the Dominican Development Group and its relationship to the Diocese of the Dominican Republic.
Two More Church Histories Posted
The interior of Iglesia Episcopal San Pablo Apóstol in Jimani

Emily Griffin, a longterm volunteer working in the Mission Team Support Office of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, has recently completed two more histories of Dominican Episcopal Churches: Iglesia San Pablo Apóstol in Jimani, and Iglesia Santa Cruz in Santa Fe. These histories are posted online on the "Publications" page of the DDG's website at these links:


Iglesia San Pablo Apóstol


Iglesia Santa Cruz


An article with more information about Emily Griffin and the church histories project is available here.

The exterior of Iglesia Episcopal Santa Cruz in Santa Fe
Photo Album of Dominican Episcopal Churches and Schools
One of the ongoing projects of the Dominican Development Group is to compile an online album with images of all of the churches, schools, and other institutions of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. This project is scheduled for completion in early October 2015. The current results are available in the DDG's online album site at the link below:

and are also available on the website of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic at this link:
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