DDG Companion News | August 31, 2016

On center right: Bishop Holguín during his 25th anniversary celebration in Epiphany Cathedral. He is wearing the same vestments that were presented to him during his ordination and consecration as a bishop in 1991.

25 Years as Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, over six hundred people came to Epiphany Cathedral in Santo Domingo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the episcopate of the Rt. Rev. Julio César Holguín Khoury as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. When the cathedral seating was full, the overflow crowd was seated in the parish hall to participate in the service by an audio link. The festive service of Holy Eucharist featured a sermon by the Rt. Rev. William J. Skilton, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic (retired), the presentation of gifts to Bishop Holguín by representatives of many of the ministries of the Dominican diocese, and Bishop Holguín's renewal of his episcopal vows conducted by the Rt. Rev. Telésforo Isaac, Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic (retired), whom Bishop Holguín succeeded in 1991. Representing the Dominican Development Group at the event were the President, the Rev. Deacon Beth Drew, who read the Gospel in English during the service; Executive Director Bill Kunkle; former Executive Director Bob Stevens; and Board Members Bishop Skilton, the Rev. Deacon Ramón Alexander Romero, Karen Carroll and Julius Ariail.

To see an album of photographs from this event, click the link below:

Student teacher Matthew Giesselmann with Dr. Tom McGowan in La Romana.

New Educational Ministry Underway

Dr. Tom McGowan, a retired Professor of Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has begun an educational ministry in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. This ministry currently involves supervising a student teacher working as an English teacher in Colegio Episcopal Todos Los Santos in La Romana, and may expand to leading mission teams of educators from the companion dioceses in the United States and assisting with curriculum and teacher development in the Dominican Episcopal schools. 

Dr. McGowan commented on his emerging ministry: " For the future, I'm planning to organize mission teams with an instructional focus - working with teachers to offer workshops to their colleagues and support them as they further improve their teaching methods (already quite proficient, by the way). We have several options for a less-traditional form of mission team that addresses the teaching/learning process within a school rather than 'building buildings' (e.g., a team from Nebraska, a partnership with teacher educators at a Mexican university). Our immediate focus is quality English language instruction, but a longer term goal might well be bilingual 'magnet schools' across the Diocese. Even longer term, there's the possibility of viewing the Episcopal schools in the DR as a true system, with common vision and goals as well as quality teaching in particular areas for which they become well known."

To read an article by Dr. McGowan with more details about his work in the Dominican Episcopal schools, click the link below:

Fall Exploration Trip: November 3-9, 2016

A map of the Episcopal churches in the Dominican Republic. To use this map interactively, click this image.

The Dominican Development Group conducts exploration trips twice each year to provide mission team leaders and other interested missioners with an overview of many of the facilities and ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. The next trip will be  November 3-9, 2016, and the path will follow a general south-to-north route from San Pedro de Macorís on the southern coast to the capitol of Santo Domingo and then north to the northern coastal city of Puerto Plata. The trip will cost US$700 (not including airfare), and the deadline to sign up is October 19, 2016. For more information and a detailed itinerary, click the link below:
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