DDG Companion News | January 11, 2016

Updated Information for Ordination and Consecration Guests Now Online 

In center: The Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota, Bishop Coadjutor-Elect of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, with Bishop Holguín on the right. 

Updated information is now online in both English and Spanish for guests planning to attend the ordination and consecration service for the Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic on Saturday, February 13, 2016.  A list of recommended hotels with rates and contact information is included in the posted information. Please note that the deadline for reservations at the Crowne Plaza hotel at the group rate of US$100 is January 15, 2016.

To access this information online, please use the links below:

For additional information, please contact Karen Carroll at the Mission Team Support Office of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic: <drequipos@gmail.com>; office (809) 686-7493 ext. 28; mobile (809) 812-9052. In particular, please send information about completed hotel reservations and flight schedules to Karen as soon as possible so she can plan for airport pickup and return.

New  Procedures in Place to Photograph and Fingerprint Arriving Passengers  

Las Américas International Airport east of Santo Domingo.

In November 2015, the Department of Immigration of the Dominican Republic instituted a new program to photograph and fingerprint all arriving non-resident passengers. These procedures take place at the immigration checkpoint that passengers reach soon after de-planing, and add a few minutes to the total time required to clear that checkpoint. The fingerprinting is accomplished using an electronic scanning process, so no ink is involved. In addition to obtaining a photograph and fingerprints, the immigration officer will also enter the local address of each non-resident passenger into an database. This local address information should be clearly written on the immigration form to avoid delays in this procedure. 

The need to photograph and fingerprint applies to passengers who have not gone through this procedure before, and may not have to be repeated on subsequent trips. Karen Carroll in the Mission Team Support Office will provide the appropriate local address for all members of incoming mission teams. For more information, contact Karen using her contact information in the first article above.

Schedule of Incoming Mission Teams Online  

Click this image to see the current schedule for incoming mission teams.

The list of incoming mission teams is now current as of January 10, 2016, and is available online at the link below:

Forty-seven teams and other groups have already signed up for trips in 2016, and more will be scheduled in the coming months. Please note that the posted schedule is always a work in progress, and corrections and other updates are made often. The latest version of this list will always be available on the DDG webpage linked below:

Real-Time Traffic Information
 Now Available for the Dominican Republic 

The areas in red indicate heavy traffic.

Real-time traffic information is now available on Google Maps for the Dominican Republic. To access this information, go to Google Maps online, enter "Dominican Republic" or some other specific DR city or location in the search bar, and then toggle on "Traffic" in the menu area in the upper left corner (the three stacked horizontal lines). 

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