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March 2020 Newsletter
Upcoming Events
Events are at DDRC offices,11177 W. 8th Ave. Lakewood, 80215, unless noted otherwise.

March 2 - 31  DDRC’s Art & Soul artists are featured during IDD Awareness Month at the Lakewood Library 10200 W. 20 th Ave, Lakewood, 80215.

March 6 - 31   Visit JeffcoLibrary.org for a curated list of movies and books highlighting the stories of individuals with IDD and their families, initiated by DDRC to mark IDD Awareness Month.

March 18   (Wed.) 5 - 7:30 p.m. SEAC Resource Fair sponsored by Jeffco Schools Special Education Advisory Committee at Lakewood High School, 9700 W. 8 th Ave, Lakewood, 80215. DDRC will be there too, so look for us. Flyer

March 19 (Thurs.)  9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Understand and motivate positive behaviors with DDRC’s Behavioral Heath training, “ Intro to Applied Behavioral Analysis .” FREE. Advance registration required. Flyer .

April 2 (Thurs.)  9 - 11:30 a.m. Behavioral Health Task Force Public Meeting . Opportunity for public testimony, advance sign up required for testimony. Anschutz Medical Campus, ED 2 North 13120 E.19 th Ave. Aurora, 80045. Or call in to 1-669-900-6833 Meeting ID 703.118.6424. Flyer .

April 15 Last day to donate a portion of your state tax refund to DDRC through ReFUND Colorado when filing your state tax return (see Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit). Don’t delay — ReFUND what matters to you! 
ReFUND What Matters to You - See the inspiring video

Choose to Create Choices for People with IDD
Donate to DDRC when filing your state tax return 

Are you getting ready to file? Coloradans who will receive a state tax refund can now choose to donate all or some of it to a nonprofit such as DDRC when filing their taxes.

Through the ReFUND Colorado donation opportunity on your state tax return you can create choices for the people DDRC serves. You can invest in efforts that support quality, dignity and choice— DDRC’s guiding values in serving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. 

It’s easy to do. Decide how much to give.Then, on your tax return, enter our full name, “Developmental Disabilities Resource Center” and DDRC’s registration # 20023003423 into the “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit “ line. For TurboTax, the line is listed as “Colorado Nonprofit Fund of Your Choice.” There is a lookup table to reference our registration number. If someone else is preparing your tax return please give them this information. Your refund donation is an investment to fund what matters to you!


IDD Awareness Month - Kickoff with IDD Awareness Day
March is IDD Awareness Month, but at DDRC, we work throughout the year to raise awareness about and provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Along with Alliance Colorado and others, we have been advocating for End the Wait , to raise awareness about the waiting list for DD Comprehensive Services and the need for additional funding. We have promoted the petition, gathered stories, attended hearings at the capitol, and met with legislators to explain the issue.

As part of IDD Awareness Day, a Direct Support Professional (DSP) was chosen to receive the 2020 DSP Award. A DSP works directly with people with disabilities to assist them in living person-centered and self-directed lives in their local communities. We are proud that DDRC Employment Specialist Douglas Love was among those nominated for the award. Douglas goes above and beyond in his work, looking for solutions where others see barriers. More about Douglas. 
Senator Rachel Zenzinger
Senator Zenzinger (center) with Beverly Winters, Rob DeHerrera and
others from DDRC
Douglas Love
Award Nominee

IDD Awareness Month
O pening Hearts and Minds
with Books and Movies
Collaborating with Jefferson County Public Libraries

Individuals with IDD and their families deserve to live their best lives and to be respected, included and understood. To help the community appreciate the dignity, diversity and humanity of people with IDD, DDRC collaborated with Jefferson County Public Library to provide an opportunity for people to gain that awareness. We initiated, and the library enthusiastically facilitated, the gathering of a list of movies and books that shine a light on the lives and stories of individuals with IDD. The collection includes some moving stories.

The movies are available in various formats, including downloadable options, and are free to library card holders. It’s a good reason to get a card if you don’t have one! Many of the movies are sourced from the Library’s connection to Kanopy and Hoopla, two on-line services.

Beginning March 6, throughout IDD Awareness Month, go to JeffcoLibrary.org and see “General Recommendations" and " Inclusion and Courage: All Abilities on Film. " for these links. Book lists will be uploaded March 16.
 Thank you, Jefferson County Public Library!

Please share this opportunity with someone in your circle of acquaintances. 
Watch Trailer:
Body & Soul, Diana & Kathy
Watch Trailer: Life Animated
IDD Awareness Month and
Art Ability
Stop by Lakewood Library at 10200 W. 20th Ave. during March to see paintings created by participants of DDRC’s Art & Soul program. The program pairs volunteer art mentors with individuals receiving services from DDRC who have a passion for art. Ruth Eitel, a former graphic artist, pictured here, has been an Art & Soul mentor for many years. The program is coordinated by DDRC Volunteer Services.

Enjoy the art and learn about the artists; Jennifer Thompson, Paul Thompson (no relation) and Jorge Astacio, and see examples of their other paintings. Their work shows that disability is no barrier to creativity!  
Jennifer Thompson, artist with DDRC's Art & Soul program. Jennifer also works in an office administration role with DDRC.
Jennifer Thompson's painting- acrylic; on display at the Lakewood Library during IDD Awareness Month.
IDD Awareness Month
Raising Awareness and Opportunities for Employing Individuals with IDD

Many employers don’t think of an individual with a developmental disability when they are looking to hire. As part of IDD Awareness Month, DDRC and our Employment Services are reaching out to business and civic organizations to let them know our role and the benefits of such hiring. Advantages include potential tax benefits, greater employee retention, a diverse work environment, and the large and loyal market segment that customers with disabilities and their families represent. We coordinate with employers and help individuals with disabilities find the right job fit and support them as they begin jobs, navigate job duties or seek advancement. 
We presented to an audience of Lakewood organizations who are prospective employers and can help spread the word. Companies with whom DDRC coordinates shared testimonials. Wahoo’s General Manager Noah Sprung said, “Jennifer is our most reliable employee! She’s been with us 12 years, too. She knows her job, works hard, leaves her problems at the door and puts a smile on customer’s faces.” He and Jennifer are pictured here.
DDRC works on other fronts too, to support employment for people with disabilities. Our Self-Determination Initiative (SDI) has helped individuals with work commute challenges, and has approved grants for bicycles, scooters, driver’s education and other travel support.

If you are interested in Employment Gateway and doing a multimedia portfolio, contact Kelly.King@ddrcco.com. For information about Employment Services email Heather.Hagan@ddrcco.com.
SEAC Resource Fair
Wed, March 18

Mark your calendars to attend the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Resource Fair on Wednesday, March 18, 5 – 7:30 p.m. at Lakewood High School, 9700 W. 8 th Ave, Lakewood, 80215. The fair will feature a large number of providers, community groups and organizations who can suggest or provide resources for your family, child or youth in transition with disabilities.

The event is sponsored by SEAC, a group who advise and support Jeffco Schools Special Education. Representatives of SEAC will be on hand. DDRC will be there too, so look for us and don’t miss this event! See the SEAC flyer .
Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. It's a Training Worth Doing!
Motivate Positive Behavior – March 19

Caregivers, family, teachers and staff— learn how human behavior is created, maintained and improved, how to make decisions for behavior motivation, gain an understanding of behavior plans and more. Learn from DDRC’s Behavioral Health expert in “Intro to Applied Behavioral Analysis” on Thursday, March 19 from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. (lunch not included). The training is FREE. Advance registration required. Call 303-462-6503 or email Zachary.Maple@ddrcco.com to register. Flyer
Q uotes from past participants in “Intro to Applied Behavioral Analysis”
Satisfaction Survey
Individuals enrolled in various waivers will be receiving a request to give feedback regarding their satisfaction with DDRC/Resource Coordination. Further information is being sent via mail and email.

Individuals enrolled in the following waivers will be asked to do the survey: Children’s Extensive Waivers (CES), Children’s Habilitation Residential Program (CHRP), Children’s Home and Community Based Services (CHCBS), Supported Living Services (SLS Medicaid and State) and Comprehensive /Residential Services (DD Medicaid). 
FSSP Funding Available for  Disability Needs - Submit Forms Now!
Family Support Services Program (FSSP) funding for disability needs is available now through June 30, but to be considered you must complete a FSSP "Most In Need (MIN) Assessment" and submit a funding request prior to the end of May 2020
A link to the assessment and funding request forms can be found on our DDRC web site at  https://ddrcco.com/accessing-services/family-support-services .  You can also email  Jessica.leon-alvarez@ddrcco.com  or call 303-462-6576 to request the forms be mailed to you.   If you have questions or would like assistance, please contact your Resource/Service Coordinator or call DDRC at 303-233-3363 and we will connect you to someone to help you.
The 2020 U.S. Census is Coming – Be Counted.

In mid-March, homes will begin receiving mail with information on how to complete and respond to the 2020 U.S. Census. Everyone is required to participate. Census data determine the flow of millions of dollars of funding to pay for needed programs and services —many of which benefit people with disabilities. Census counts also influence the number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in Congress.

One person from each household is to respond to the census on behalf of the household. You may respond to the census online, by phone or mail. Census takers will visit homes that haven't responded to ensure everyone is counted. The Census Bureau does not ask for social security numbers, bank account information or money, so if someone asks for that, it is not a legitimate request. More about the Census
Participate in the Colfax Marathon 5K and Half Marathon May 16 and May 17

DDRC Therapeutic Learning Connection-Recreation is again teaming up with Ability Experience to do the 5K and half marathon as part of the Colfax Marathon fundraisers on Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17. This is an opportunity for individuals of all abilities to participate. Volunteers will be available to push individuals in chairs if needed. It’s an exhilarating event with cheering crowds and many community groups. Race registration costs are paid for by The Ability Experience. 

It’s not too early to sign up, get in shape and get pledges. As they have done in the past, the Ability Experience donates to DDRC to enhance TLC- Recreation equipment and programs. For questions about race logistics, contact DDRC TL/Rec staff Trevor.Joy@ddrcco.com Flyer .
Creating opportunities for people of all ages with intellectual and
developmental disabilities to participate fully in the community.
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