Hello DDRC Community,

We are continuing to adapt and stay safe during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Things in Colorado seem to be stabilizing but we are not out of the woods. It is critical that we all stay vigilant in wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, limiting unnecessary exposure and practicing good hygiene. Our DDRC staff are proactive in following these guidelines, and temperature /health screenings are taken daily for each person at our facilities.

Our State Legislature and Governor Polis have passed the budget for the new fiscal year that begins in July. All Community Centered Boards and providers, including DDRC, have a 1% cut in state funding for services. Over the ensuing months of this summer, we, along with our Board of Directors, will be working carefully to determine how to implement the new budget reality. Additionally, temporary state reimbursement support offered through June could not be sustained, so the ramifications of how that rolls out across our services will also need to be addressed.

What is certain, however, is that our service delivery approach continues to be guided by health, safety and working to meet the needs of those we serve.

Thank you for your support,
Beverly Winters
Executive Director