FS-1200 on press
DDS Customers Love the FS-1200 Print Modules
We don’t normally pitch our own products in our blog and newsletter. We usually focus on education, trends, and information. But we hear such great things from our customers about the iDataPrint™ FS-1200, featuring FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. SAMBA® technology, we just had to share them. These units are making a big difference in the operations in which they’ve been installed.

Many companies have found this print module is exactly what they needed to enter the digital inkjet printing market. Feedback from our customers tells us they are especially excited with the print width flexibility this unit offers. Several print service providers have pointed out they placed a high value on their ability to choose print bar widths between 1.7 inches and 27 inches. “Why buy a 17 inch print module when all we needed was to image a small area with variable data?” said one customer. The FS-1200 can print in “lanes” rather than span the entire width of the press. Printers save money by buying only the functionality they need.

Lower ownership cost is a recurring theme among FS-1200 buyers. Printing companies save money by adding these units, leveraging their investments in existing web presses and finishing equipment. Buyers of the print module don’t pay click charges and they love the low ink costs they enjoy compared to other color inkjet modules on the market. Refurbishing is also unnecessary with this technology, saving even more money over time.

At speeds up to 1000 feet per minute, the I DataPrint™FS-1200 from DDS is ready to handle any size job. With almost instant start and stop, and automated splice avoidance,these print modules are improving productivity everywhere we’ve installed them.

Selectable drop size and print resolution (DPI) also earn high praise from DDS customers who have invested in the FS-1200 print module. These features allow printers to make adjustments for printing on varied substrates. Printers are controlling ink costs and still retain the ability to dial up the image density when the jobs call for it.

Of course quality is critical. The parallelogram design of the print modules seamlessly stitch together to cover wide print areas when necessary. Spending less time manually fine-tuning the press means more time spent printing revenue-producing materials.
If you are considering adding inkjet technology to an existing press, or you are unhappy with your current inkjet solution, I urge you to ask us to demonstrate the Fuji-Samba FS-1200 print modules for you. I think this technology will impress you as much as it has our customers who have already bought them.
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