DEAF, Inc. Community Newsletter October 2023. Green background with white DEAF, Inc. logo. A picture on the left shows two people walking in a nature trail, with one of them waving to the camera. On the right, two people pose next to a wooden bear sculpture. The person behind the sculpture makes a silly face mimicking the bear.


White background. Blue rectangle tilted in background. Two cloud like images with yellow outlines are on the right, showing pictures of people sitting around tables in conferences. Text reads “Massachusetts Association for the DEAF, Inc. Statewide Conference”.

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Massachusetts Association for the Deaf, Inc. (MSAD) Statewide Conference

Saturday, November 4, 2023 | 9am - 6pm EST

156 Boston Rd, Sutton, MA 01590

Massachusetts State Association for the Deaf, Inc. (MSAD) statewide conference is taking place on November 4th at the American Legion Dudley-Gendron Post in Sutton, MA 01590.

The event will include a keynote presentation, Deaf recreation panel, board member elections, general meeting, and more! Free admission, but donations are accepted. All are welcome to attend, whether you are a member of the Deaf community, ally, educator, professional, or interested in learning more about Deaf culture.

For more information and updates, visit massdeaf.org or contact Ivy Vélez at vpcommunityrelations@massdeaf.org.

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A dark blue background flyer with the center focused on 3 people doing different types of exercises surrounded by healthy foods and dumbbells. The information reads, “DEAF, Inc. Presents a Wellness Workshop Train Smart, Diet Hard, Sleep Good, Sharon Moore Deaf Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Tuesday, November 28, 2023 12:30 - 1:30 PM EST Food is Truth, Attendees will receive: • Free basic meal plan •Shopping list Communication access provided Meeting ID: 918 8838 8357 Passcode: brainfood For accommodation requests, contact frontdesk@deafincma.org or 617-505-4823 Funded by Massachusetts COVID-19 Community Grants.” The following logos are on the flyer for DEAF, Inc. and DEAFIT. At the top right there is an image of a diverse group of people pumping their fists in the air.

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DEAF, Inc. Presents a Wellness Workshop: Train Smart, Diet Hard, and Sleep Good

November 28, 2023 | 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm EST

Join us for an hour of fun and informative tips on how to train smart, diet hard, and sleep well from Sharon Moore, a Deaf Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Attendees of the workshop will receive a complimentary basic meal plan and shopping list to help you start your wellness journey!

A black background flyer with information in white text as follows, “BASH HOUR WHERE? DEAF, Inc. Watertown Office 50 Hunt Ave, Unit #200 Watertown, MA WHEN? December 9, 2023 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM We will have Italian food and games! It would be great if you bring desserts! We will play a gift swap game called White Elephant. Please bring a gift that costs 20 dollars or less. Touch you there!” At the first top of the flyer is the DEAF, Inc. logo.

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DEAF, Inc. Watertown Office 

50 Hunt Ave, Unit #200 Watertown, MA

December 9, 2023 

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

We will have Italian food and games! It would be great if you bring desserts!

We will play a gift swap game called White Elephant. Please bring a gift that costs 20 dollars or less.

Touch you there!

Community News

Native American / Indigenous Heritage Month

A YouTube still of a man in a purple sweater and bandanna holding up something of interest in front of a colorful cloth pattern.

A Deaf Native American from the North Cheyenne tribe, James Woodenlegs, shares four amazing native cultural stories.

A YouTube still of two men showing off two different signs for ocean in ASL and Indian Sign Language. The text below says, “Ocean” as well as “Seek The World” at the bottom left.

American Sign Language & Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL)

A YouTube still of 2 men signing “Chief” in both ASL and Crow Sign Language. The text below at the center says, “Chief” and to the bottom left says, “Seek the World.”

Comparing American Sign Language & Crow Sign Language (PISL)

A white background pic that has CSD at the center of it. Surrounding the letters are various shapes, symbols and letters around the edges of the image all in different colors.

Click here to read more information on Native American / Indigenous Heritage Month written by CSD

Real Talk, Good Action

Health Care System: the Bad and the Ugly

A NAD YouTube video thumbnail showing a picture of two women, the following information in text says this, “REAL TALK, GOOD ACTION HEALTH CARE SYSTEM: THE BAD AND THE UGLY Monthly webinar series.” The NAD logo is a the top right.

The webinar will discuss how working with Deaf Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) within the healthcare system requires a thoughtful and culturally sensitive approach. It's essential to recognize and address the unique challenges and barriers they may face due to their identity and communication needs. The webinar will also share important considerations when working with Deaf BIPOC individuals in the healthcare context.

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Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and 

Hard of Hearing kids must have access to language

A YouTube still of a woman signing access in front of a sea blue background next to a blue circle with the following white text words, “Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing [blocked out] must have access to language

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Research shows 70% of Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing children don’t have access to language. And it’s actually worse for BIPOC deaf children. Language deprivation is a devastating reality for many deaf children, and the NAD strongly believes this is a serious and urgent health crisis. To address this, the NAD has developed several documents – we developed two open letters: one for families and for professionals who work with Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing children. We also developed a position statement that makes policy recommendations to end language deprivation. 

These three documents are based on a thoroughly researched paper with different research and studies related to language deprivation; the technical paper outlines which systematic policy can be improved so all Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing children have access to language, from birth to adulthood. To access a language from birth means every deaf child is able to meet expected language milestones, receive language and communication support, and interact with the world without barriers. These factors lead to successful language acquisition for most deaf children. Every child has the right to access a full language from birth.

2023 Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Event

A flyer with a light blue wave strip at the top and plain white at the bottom for the background. The titled text reads, “2023 ANNUAL MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT EVENTS OCTOBER 15 - DECEMBER 7” (The information below it says,) Meet with trained SHINE* counselors to find the best coverage for the least cost • Review your overall medical and prescription drug coverage Call 617-635-4366 to schedule your appointment for these events or to make a counseling appointment for another time. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18 10am - 3:30pm East Boston Senior Center 7 Bayswater St., East Boston THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16 10:30am - 3:30pm West Roxbury Branch Library 1961 Centre St., West Roxbury WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25 10am- 3:30pm Kroc Center 650 Dudley St., Dorchester MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20 10am - 3:30pm Veronica B. Smith Senior Center 20 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2 10am - 3:30pm Central Boston Elder Services 2315 Washington St., Roxbury WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 10am -3:30pm Grove Hall Branch Library 41 Geneva Ave., Dorchester WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 10am - 3:30pm Mattapan Branch Library 1350 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6 10am - 3:30pm South Boston Neighborhood House 136 H St., South Boston WHAT TO BRING: LIST OF PRESCRIPTIONS, MEDICARE / OTHER INSURANCE CARDS, YOUR MEDICARE.GOV USERNAME/PASSWORD IF ALREADY SET UP *Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone” Images/logos: (image) an example of a insurance card reads, “MEDICARE HEALTH INSURANCE JOHN I SmitH Medicare hunder/insero de Medicare 1EG4-TE5-MK72 Entitled to Con derecho a Coverage starts/Coderta HOSPITAL (PART A) 03-01-2016 MEDICAL (PART B) 03-01-2016” (logos for the following) CITY of BOSTON, City of Boston Public Health Commission, Esac Boston, ETHOS, Age+, Age Strong.

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It’s nearly October, and that means it’s time for Open Enrollment! Open Enrollment is a period of time, October 15 through December 7, where residents can join or renew their enrollment in Medicare. In the upcoming months, Age Strong will be hosting eight workshops to help you with your open enrollment. Join one of the following locations to get assistance from a trained counselor to find the best coverage for you.

To schedule an appointment for these events or to make a counseling appointment for another time, please call 617-635-4366

Community Health Equity Survey

Graphic with a blue gradient background and a white border. A yellow voice box with black text inside “What makes a community healthy & strong?” with “Your Voice” in black text and white underline below the yellow box.

The Community Health Equity Survey (CHES) is an opportunity for residents to share their experiences and priorities to help improve healthcare in Massachusetts. The survey results will be used to shape future health programs, allocate funding and resources, and support policies to reduce health disparities. 

The survey is available in 11 languages, including ASL, and can be taken by anyone aged 14 and older. It takes only 15 to 30 minutes to complete and will be open through early Fall 2023. Please take the survey and encourage others to do so to help improve the health of our communities.

Click here to access the ASL-accessible survey

*Please note that the ASL survey is signed and captioned with no voiceover.

MassHealth & COVID-19 Resources

MassHealth Redetermination

For Members with Disabilities

Flyer: A light blue back ground, at the very top is the DEAF, Inc. logo, and at the center is a hand putting a blue paper into a green mailbox. The text reads, “Do you have... Masshealth Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Then you are all set to go! NO blue envelope needed. If you moved recently, please email frontdesk@deafinconline.org”

For Non-Citizen Members

Flyer: A light blue back ground, at the very top is the DEAF, Inc. logo, and at the center is a hand putting a blue paper into a green mailbox. The text reads, “Are you a non-US Citizen? • Legally living in USA • Undocumented living in USA Check to make sure that your address is correct! Did you get a blue envelope. Important, please respond! MassHealth will NEVER report you to DHS, USCIS, or ICE”

Vaccinations: Flu and COVID-19

A flyer with a split dark blue and light blue background titled, “COVID-19 & Flu Vaccine” in the dark blue section. There is also an image of two medical professionals in scrubs holding needles, behind a DEAF, Inc. logo. The light blue section reads, “What can it do? Significantly reduce the risk of severe COVID-19. Reduce the risk of severe Flu-related illness by 40%-60%. Who is eligible? Most people over 6 months old are eligible for the vaccine series or a booster. When to get immunized? COVID-19: Immediately, if never vaccinated. Othewise, consult with a healthcare provider about a booster dose. Flu: Fall, ideally by the end of October. For more information, consult your healthcare provider.” A yellow strip at the bottom of the flyer shows the source information, “SOURCE: covid19.nih.gov/news-and-stories/bivalent-boosters-offer-better-protection-against-omicron SOURCE: cdc.gov/flu/vaccines-work/vaccineeffect.htm“

Order Now to Get Free Rapid COVID-19 Tests!

A black woman looks at her phone with a big smile to the left of the ad. Closer to the center the following information goes as follows, “Be ready with rapid COVID-19 tests. Delivered right to you. Free! Order Now at COVIDTests.gov Or, call 1-800-232-0233.” At the bottom left is the ASPR logo.

Other Resources

Wellness Series

Blue background. DEAF, Inc. logo at top left corner. White title text reads "Reasons to Move Everyday, Movement and Exercise - Episode 2". A video screen is shown with an Asian man wearing a black shirt signing in front of a blue background. The caption below him reads "Do you care about your health? Do you want to live a longer, healthier lifestyle?". White text at bottom reads "Funded by Massachusetts COVID-19 Community Grants".

Movement & Exercise Episode 2: Reasons to Move Everyday

Blue background. DEAF, Inc. logo at top left corner. White title text reads "Why is Water Important? Hydration - Episode 1" A video screen is shown with an Latino man wearing a red shirt signing in front of a blue background. The caption below him reads "Water plays a big role in our lives!". White text at bottom reads "Funded by Massachusetts COVID-19 Community Grants".

Hydration Episode 1: Why is Water Important?


A grayish background Infographic that says the following, “MEN 76.2 WOMEN 81 AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY FOR MEN IN THE UNITED STATES IS ALMOST 5 LESS THAN WOMEN.” Under the images of a circle graph with the percentage of 6.7, two mustaches, another circle graph with 1/3 inside of it, the following reads, “AROUND 15 MILLION AMERICAN ADULTS (6.7% OF THE POPULATION) WILL BE DIAGNOSED WITH DEPRESSION EACH YEAR. 1 IN 2 MEN WILL BE DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER IN THEIR LIFETIME. MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF ADULTS (34.9%) IN THE UNITED STATES ARE OBESE.” At the very bottom it says, “12.1% OF MEN 18 YEARS AND OVER ARE IN FAIR OR POOR HEALTH.”

In November, men grow mustaches as part of Movember, an annual event to raise awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. 

The rules include starting with a clean-shaven face on November 1 and growing and grooming a mustache for the entire month, with no shaving allowed but trimming and styling permitted. Don't fake it with beards, goatees, or fake mustaches. 

Men are encouraged to get tested for prostate cancer at age 45 (or earlier if there's a family history or African-American) and talk to their doctor about PSA testing at age 50. Testicular cancer is highly treatable if caught early, and men can learn how to self-check with the help of a video.

Is It Stroke? Act F.A.S.T!

A white background with a sea blue trim at the top, the flyer says the following, “Is it a stroke? Act F.A.S.T. 911”. Below are image examples of what a stroke may look like and how to handle it quickly, “FACE droops, ARM weakness, SPEECH difficulty, TIME is critical.” The flyer continues, “What is a stroke? A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the brain is blocked by a clot or bursts. When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the oxygen it needs, causing brain cells to die. Fast treatment may reduce the long term effects of stroke. Call 911 at any sign of stroke! Care starts when the ambulance arrives. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) save precious time by continuing care in the ambulance and alerting the hospital to prepare for arrival. If you see any sign of stroke, don't hesitate-call 911!” More information says, “Know the signs of stroke Remember to act F.A.S.T. A person could be having a stroke if they show any of these signs: • Face droops on one side. • Arm weakness. When the person lifts both arms, one arm drifts down. • Speech difficulty. The person has trouble speaking, or is not making sense when speaking. • Time is critical. Call 911 immediately. You may be having a stroke if you experience any of the following: • Sudden weakness on one side of the body. • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking, or understanding words. • Sudden problems seeing or blurry vision. • Sudden trouble walking or loss of balance. • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.” Learn more at mass.gov/stroke
A white background with a sea blue trim on the top and bottom of the flyer, the following text informs the following, “Who's at risk for a stroke? You may be at a higher risk of a stroke if you: • Are over 65 years of age. • Are African American, Hispanic, or Asian. • Have a family history of stroke. • Had a previous stroke or "mini stroke" which is also called a TIA. Change your daily habits to lower your risk for stroke Changes in a few daily habits can lower your risk for stroke. Combining a healthy diet, healthy blood pressure, regular physical activity, and quitting tobacco can make a bigger difference than you think. Get started with helpful tips and resources at mass.gov/stroke.”Next there are four main images of the following, a person getting their blood pressure done, an assortment of health foods, a picture of a older man and woman running, a phone with information dealing with quitting. The text under these images say the following, “Check your blood pressure regularly and take all medications as prescribed. Add more healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to your diet. Talk with your doctor about what's right for you. Get active whenever you can! Try for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Quitting smoking and vaping lowers your risk! Tobacco and nicotine increase your risk for stroke by raising your blood pressure.” At the very bottom of the flyer reads, “Start lowering your risk today. Find helpful tips and resources at mass.gov.stroke” right next to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health logo.


Can you pass our US Citizenship Test #4?

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