December 3, 2020
Rock the DECA Exam
DECA’s exams are rigorous, industry-validated, multiple-choice, 100-item assessments based on National Curriculum Standards.
Each exam item is linked to an instructional area and specific performance indicator defined in the exam’s descriptive key, which also includes a rationale for the correct and incorrect answers, rigor level and source. The descriptive key provides an informative and instructional narrative about each exam item.
Exam items can make great bell ringer activities and short quizzes while preparing DECA members for competition. You may also group exam items by instructional area and use them along with a role-play or case study with a corresponding instructional area. For example, if your members are practicing a promotion role-play, assign them promotion exam items.

In this short video, you’ll discover how to break down components of the exam into manageable pieces that can be used to enhance your instruction and prepare your DECA members for competitive events.
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Extract relevant information from written materials.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development.
  • Explain performance indicators addressed in each exam item.
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