February 11, 2021
Refresh Your Classes with FREE Course Guides
It’s true: the school year isn’t nearly over. However, now may be the ideal time to start thinking about your course offerings and content for next school year as the enrollment process begins.

Thanks to MBA Research with support from the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program, 13 course guides are available free-of-charge to either help you restructure your program offerings or refresh your courses.

As one component of the guides, projects are included with a description and step-by-step guide. Here’s an example from the Marketing Applications Course Guide.
Marketing Technology: Tick Tock, Tech Talk 

This project acquaints students with forms of technology used in different marketing functions (i.e., marketing-information management, product/service management, pricing, and promotion). Working in groups, students will research marketing technology, interview marketing personnel about their use of technology in their jobs, and visit local businesses to witness this technology in action. The project concludes with brief group presentations followed by a discussion of similarities and differences in the technology used in different marketing functions.

Note: Due to COVID-19, this project may need to be conducted via video conferencing and interviews. Also, it could be a great opportunity to ask businesses how they used technology in response to COVID-19.
This project is on page 200 of the guide
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Describe the use of technology in the marketing-information management function 
  • Describe the use of technology in the product/service management function 
  • Explain the use of technology in the pricing function 
  • Describe the use of technology in the promotion function 
Benefits and Features
Course Guides provide these and more:

  • Course description 
  • Information on the individual course’s fit within one or more programs-of-study 
  • Recommended performance indicators for the specific course 
  • Recommended sequence for the course 
  • Instructional objectives that specify desired learning outcomes 
  • Additional resources, including www links 
  • Activities to reinforce or explore key content 
  • Ethical cases for students (in course guides ©2016 and later) 
  • Briefings for selected, particularly challenging, performance indicators, including teacher-directed information and student handouts 
  • Multiple-Choice exams
Explore the Offerings
Course Guides are available for:

  • Business and Marketing Essentials  
  • Entrepreneurship, Advanced  
  • Entrepreneurship, Principles  
  • Ethical Leadership 
  • Finance, Introduction 
  • Financial Analysis for Managers  
  • Financial Management  
  • Management, Introduction  
  • Marketing Applications (Advanced)  
  • Marketing Principles 
  • Personal Finance  
  • (Sports) Grand Slam: Advanced Sport/Event Marketing  
  • (Sports) More Than a Game: Intro Sport/Event Marketing
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