February 26, 2021
Brand Awareness, Parter Activation and Cause Raising
The MDA Telethon raised over $10 million and had a total reach of 4.2 billion, netting over $2.7 million in advertising value. Thousands of new donors and new constituents were acquired as part of the MDA Telethon Activation.

This panel discussion for DECA members and advisors focuses on how a moment like the MDA Telethon can help lift up a brand, bolster fundraising and cause raising and heightens the importance that partners like DECA play in the success of MDA’s mission.
The session is hosted by Alison Tibbits, CVA, Vice President, Volunteer Programs and Strategy, MDA and Moderated by Jasleen Kaur, New York DECA President and DECA/MDA Muscle Corp Ambassador.
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Describe factors used by businesses to position corporate brands
  • Explain the role of situation analysis in the marketing planning process
  • Explain the use of celebrities/influencers as a word-of-mouth strategy
  • Identify ways to segment markets for marketing communications
  • Apply project-management tools to monitor and communicate process
Get Your Chapter Involved with MDA

Here are three ways your DECA chapter can get involved in cause raising for MDA this Spring.
DECA/MDA Virtual Cause Raising
DECA and MDA have partnered to unveil a new cause raising website that is now available! DECA chapters and members can use the site to:
  • Register and track cause raising for your chapter for the year
  • Host a Miracle Minute (virtually or in-person) 
  • Start a virtual Letter Writing Campaign
  • Participate in endurance events such as 5Ks, Turkey Trots or a Virtual Muscle Walk

Important: Please register your chapter here prior to ICDC!
Virtual MDA Shamrocks
Participate in the iconic MDA Shamrocks program on paper or virtually this March! In the past, more than 80 chapters have raised more than $30,000 selling Shamrocks to students, teachers and local businesses – and this year, we have added a new digital option to enhance your chapter’s fundraising!

Participate virtually or contact studentservices@mdausa.org to place an order for paper Shamrocks.
MDA Muscle Corps Program
MDA will be offering its service-learning program “MDA Muscle Corps” to DECA members again in 2021! Through this four-week online content-based program, DECA members will grow and connect with the MDA community and think ethically and innovatively to solve problems with the skills they acquire. As a result, students learn to embrace servant leadership and social change as professional and personal philosophies, students also earn community service hours by participating and cause raising.

This program will be available following ICDC, but chapters and members are encouraged to pre-register now!
Have Questions? Connect with the MDA team at studentservices@mdausa.org
or (312) 525-8396 to make sure your chapter has the support you need!
Discover more classroom activities at deca.org/digitalclassroom.

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