November 13, 2020
Intuit Innovation Challenge
Teach your students about Design Thinking with DECA's Intuit Innovation Challenge.
A premier DECA event during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Intuit Innovation Challenge is a hands-on design thinking project, daring students around the globe to innovate for impact to help reverse the effect of global warming. Through the challenge, teams will apply Intuit’s design thinking methodology, Design for Delight, to develop an innovative sustainability solution. Teams will demonstrate their use of the design thinking process through a three-minute video presentation that brings to life their process and outcomes. The presentations should include their experiences with empathy, brainstorming and coming up with the solution, as well as experimentation within their community.

The challenge begins now and continues through November 23, 2020.
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Select a target market and develop a customer profile  
  • Determine opportunities for venture creation 
  • Generate venture ideas  
  • Determine feasibility of venture ideas 
  • Use creative problem-solving in business activities/decisions 
  • “Sell” ideas to others 
What is Design Thinking?
Design thinking is the creative process to problem-solving. It empowers students to design with the customer in mind and unlock their creative genius as they develop innovative ideas for a real problem in their community.
With design thinking, students move beyond the traditional way of solving problems - going from thinking of a problem they want to solve, and coming up with a solution that they think will address that problem at hand - to truly embodying Customer Driven Innovation. Through this process, students are challenged to deeply learn about their target audience first through customer empathy - understanding their pain points with the status quo, and then getting specific about the customer’s true needs. Students leverage brainstorming practices, and inclusive narrowing to determine the solution that they feel will most effectively address the customer’s needs, and then design a rapid experiment, that costs little to no money, and can be performed in under 48 hours, to see if their innovation has the intended effect.
With Design Thinking, students will be better prepared to creatively solve problems, and develop as innovators in their community. Download Intuit's free Educator Design Thinking Toolkit here.
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