November 5, 2020
DECA Direct Magazine: De-stress
Between school, volunteering, extracurricular activities and DECA, students never have a shortage of things to do! Learn how to help them hit pause, slow down and discover the best ways to manage their stress. The Classroom Discussion Guide includes activities for the following articles in the "De-stress" Issue.

  • Five Apps to Ease Your Stress
  • Five Gears for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Managing Stress as a Small Business Owner
  • Build Better Habits (and Break Your Bad Ones!)
  • Five Tips to Take Your Productivity to the #NextLevel
  • Stress to Success: How to Use "Good Stress" to Succeed in Competition
De-stress Mentor Roundtable
In this on-demand executive mentor roundtable, two leaders share how stress—good and bad—plays a role in their everyday lives and offer tips and tricks to help members manage stress in their personal and professional lives. Use the classroom discussion guide to help your students get the most of the session.

Panelists include:
  • Helen Brown, Vector Marketing.
  • Sally Hector, Hilton
  • Moderated by DECA's High School Division President, Catherine Horton
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Explain the nature of stress management
  • Use time-management skills
  • Exhibit a positive attitude
  • Organize and prioritize work
  • Confront difficult situations
  • Explain the complexity of business operations
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