September 10, 2020
DECA Direct Magazine: Next Level Leadership
A new school year brings new chances to elevate your leadership to the next level. Discover fresh ideas to enhance your chapter and become a leader worth following in your school, community and beyond. The Classroom Discussion Guide includes activities for the following articles in the "Next Level Leadership" Issue.

  • Influence with Informal Leadership
  • Discover Your DECA Leadership Style
  • The Power of the Diamond
  • The Ethics of Leadership
  • The Next Level is Inclusion
  • A Quick Guide to Understanding Servant Leadership
This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Explain the concept of leadership
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Explain the nature of organizational culture
  • Explain the nature of ethical leadership
  • Model ethical behavior
  • Assess personal behavior and values
#NextLevel Membership Video

Use the membership video and discussion guide in your recruitment efforts to show students how they can propel themselves to the next level.
Role-Plays and
Case Studies

As teaching tools, DECA’s role-plays and case studies are a great way to introduce students to DECA and competition.
DECA's Back-to-School Bingo

Introduce DECA and its key programs and highlights to your students while engaging them in a fun activity with DECA's Back-to-School Bingo.
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