September 3, 2020
Introducing DECA with Role-Plays and
Case Studies in the Classroom
As teaching tools, DECA’s role-plays and case studies provide relevant, meaningful problems for students to solve, provide a standards-based evaluation, increase rigor of the instruction, result in evidence of student learning and expose students to DECA – all as part of classroom instruction. Role-plays and case studies provide a student-centered engagement activity to help DECA members apply learning through problem-based activities that require creative solutions and practical outcomes. They are a great way to introduce students to DECA and competition.
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This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrate active listening skills.
  • Organize information.
  • Participate in group discussions.
  • Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development.
  • Explain performance indicators addressed in the role-play activity.
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