A monthly publication of
Plum Creek Christian Church

VOLUME 44 . ISSUE 12 . DEC 2019
Have you ever been in a place where you were longing for home? Maybe you’ve found yourself longing for something… something that’s been elusive. It’s like a mystery you aren’t quite able to grasp, but it’s something you desperately need. Could it be that this thing you're longing for is exactly what God has for you? Love. Joy. Peace. A true sense of belonging. A family. A future. We’ve been waiting for hope, and He’s been right here all along. This Christmas, maybe it’s time to come home.
Join us for worship every Sunday at 9 am or 10:45 am
Full programming is available for kids from birth - 5th grade
Christmas Eve Service . December 24th @ 4 pm
Celebrate with family at a candlelight service with carols
and a focus on the meaning of the season.
We are seeking donations the night of the party to create gift bags as our service project. Please consider bringing 5-10 of the following items: Nail polish, Nail file/Emery board, Pumice stone, Lotion, Shampoo, Lip gloss and Hair ties
For more info: https://focusedmin.org

LADIES! Save the date for a special gathering coming in February 2020. Watch for details coming soon!
Faith Conversations for the last three years has a been a two week session for parents. However, our Kids Ministry is now making this teaching and resource available to you on a flashdrive. This will be available beginning January 26th, 2020. This now "ready-to-use" resource is great for families who are beginning the conversation with their kids about becoming a Christ-follower and also for creating a rhythm of faith conversation in your home.
For Preschool & Elementary Families...
W e have a special gift for you on December 22nd. We'll have our 2020 Vision and Calendar booklets available. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know what the kids ministry is moving toward in 2020 and also all events and dates for Kids Ministry.
Every Moment Matters with kids. And just one caring and loving adult can change a child's life. As a church we have the potential to influence the next generation for Christ, but it take a tribe of people. Our team is still working toward our goal of 237 people to join the tribe of people who are working to partner with parents to impact the next generation. You can join the team and see the remaining volunteer roles by visiting www.plumcreek.org/SayYes
Our Special Needs Ministry is hosting a banquet for all families with a child with special needs, as well as all Special Needs Ministry Volunteers to learn more about the ministry and also get connected with a buddy to meet a families specific needs.

If you are a family who could benefit from our special needs ministry buddy system, we would love to have you join us. Let us know you are coming by emailing dylan@plumcreek.org .

If you are someone who would like to get involved and volunteer with our special needs ministry, we would encourage you to join us and you can sign-up to volunteer at www.plumcreek.org/SayYes
SUPERSTART! is a high-energy weekend event in which 4th & 5th graders can learn and grow in their relationships with friends, leaders and most importantly, God. And this year's SuperStart! tour is about finding hope through God's promises in those moments where it feels like the cards are stacked against us. Preteens will learn that when they trust God and hold tightly to His promises, they’ll discover the hope that can carry them through any circumstance and into the abundant life of a Kingdom worker. Knowing that changes everything. It’s a Game Changer.

Conference dates: March 6th-7th
Location: Marriott River Center in Covington
Cost: $75 (includes everything)
*Last day to register for early bird pricing is February 4th. Cost increases to $80 after deadline.
For all Middle School & High School students
Youth Groups do not meet during the month of December.
Join us again in January 2020!
The God of the universe wants to make CONTACT with us. He wants to impact our lives. And He provides access to His awesome power at any time and for all people through this wonderful thing called prayer. But what is prayer? How does it work? When should you do it? What words should you use?

Believe's CONTACT tour will help us better understand the amazing gift of prayer and how it can make an impact on our lives. Sign-ups
happen this month at plumcreek.org/believe .

COST: $75 and includes everything (meals, registration & hotel)
As we welcome people back HOME this Christmas, the student ministry wants to help those who are looking for their forever home by collecting items that they are in need of. We are partnering with DCCH Center for Children and Families in Fort Mitchell and are asking for your help to collect some toiletries and general items that will help them as they provide a home for children and families in need. We will be collecting items in the gathering area on December 15th . Look for the display of the home with a heart outline.

We will be collecting: Toothpaste,
Toothbrushes (small & larger youth sizes), Shampoos & Conditioners, Deodorants/Antiperspirants, Diapers in various sizes, Feminine napkins and boxes of Facial Tissues
This month and the beginning of January (Dec 8-Jan 5), there will be no Middle School or High School Sunday School. There will be family service and serving opportunities throughout this month we want everyone to be involved in.
following 2nd service
Have questions about Plum Creek? Want to know how you can get involved? Want to make this big place a little smaller? Join us for this one session conversation in a relaxed environment where we address who Plum Creek is, what we're about, and what you can expect from Plum Creek. We also take time to answer specific questions you might have. Lunch and child care are provided.
In the past, Plum Creek has collected medicine bottles for Matthew 25 Ministries to use on the mission field and during disasters. Plum Creek will no longer collect medicine bottles, but you can now take your donations directly to Matthew 25 Ministries at 11060 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash. For more information about what Matthew 25 Ministries collects, please visit m25m.org
C hristmas is always a busy time at the Sharing Center. There are lots of
opportunities for Plum Creek members to help serve our neighbors through the holidays.

  • If you would like to help financially, we are purchasing hams for all of our families. You can make a donation toward this through the Sharing Center envelopes on the Information Center.
  • We will need lots of people to help at our Food Share on Saturday, December 21st. We will need help packing food from 7:30 - 9:30 am. We also need people to help guests to their car from 9:30 am - Noon.
  • You can find items to purchase as Christmas gifts for our guests on our giving tree located in the gathering area at church.
  • We will also need help wrapping gifts on Dec 12, 13 & 14. Please call Carol Gow to commit to help with this at 859.816.6139
PO Box 40, Butler KY 41006

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13856 Plum Creek Rd, Butler KY 41006

JOHN JENNINGS (Baptism 11.17.19)
2381 Uhl Road, Cold Spring KY 41076

CAROLINE LAHNER (Baptism 11.24.19)
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