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Message from the PAA President

Wow! November just seemed to fly by! 
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know everyone is struggling with the pandemic, but each and every one of us have each other to inspire us and keep us grounded. On a personal note, I used Thanksgiving to take an inventory of the things for which I am thankful. Some of you may not know, but I lost my father on June 28th of this year. I am thankful that I had a father that was a wonderful man, and I was able to keep him for 62 years. We also welcomed a new addition to our family in September. So the circle of life continues! I was able to give thanks for a year that has been an emotional mix. I am glad I can think of these holidays with joy and thanksgiving. I hope all of you can come up with a handful of blessings in your life during these times.
Please remember to send a jpeg copy of your favorite piece of work to Gaby by the end of the day December 2nd. Title the jpeg with your last name. Include size of the piece (there are no size limits), title of your work, and its price (if it is for sale) or indicate “not for sale”. We are putting together a show for use during and after the Holiday Party. If you can’t decide on a favorite piece ever, then use your favorite piece today!!
Excellent November Members Meeting
Pamela Crosby led the members’ meeting during November with a talk on “The Right to Copy: Art and Copyright in the U.S.” It is so good to have members that are willing to share their knowledge with us. It was an interesting overview of copyright law in the United States. There were a lot of questions and comments shared during the meeting. Thank you, Pamela for a wonderful meeting!
Holiday Party – December 15 at 7pm
Our inspirational speaker is Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes who will share stories of inspiration and insights about renewal and creativity. She will speak from 7:00pm to 7:30pm and entertain question until 7:45pm.

Dr. Estés is an internationally recognized scholar and the well-known author of WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES: MYTHS AND STORIES OF THE WILD WOMAN ARCHETYPE. She is also an award winning poet, a Diplomat Senior Jungian psychoanalyst, and a cantadora—a keeper of the old stories in the Latina tradition. Her work has been published in more than 40 languages and was on the New York Times best sellers’ list for 145 weeks, as well as other best seller lists. She is a post-trauma specialist whose experience includes working with students and families after the Columbine High School massacre, as well as with survivors and families of 9/11, and shell-shocked veterans and their families.

She has also authored many books and audio recordings such as THE LATE BLOOMER: MYTHS AND STORIES OF THE WISE WOMAN ARCHETYPE, and THE CREATIVE FIRE: MYTHS AND STORIES ON THE CYCLES OF CREATIVITY. We are so excited to hear what she has to share with us.

At 7:45pm we will have a power point presentation of everyone’s favorite artwork. Thanks to Gaby who is busy putting this together for us. It is always fun and exciting to see the work of those that are in our group. See deadline information above. 
PAA Members Show In February – January Deadline

We will have a call for art during January to get ready for our Members’ Show. As of now, we are still “on” at the Gallery @ Courtyard. We will keep you updated, but have your piece(s) ready for submission. The Show is scheduled February 8th through March 22nd. We are looking forward to seeing some great art from everyone!!
Did You Know?
Plano Art Association has a donation button on our website. If you want to donate to us, we are a non-profit organization. You can use the donation as a tax deduction. 
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Amazon Smile
Did you know you can give money to the PAA just by using Amazon Smile. Instead of using the general Amazon website, sign on the Amazon Smile. Designate Plano Art Association as your charity and any purchases you make will have a small percentage of the Amazon profit go to the PAA instead. It is an easy way to give money and you pay the same price for the items on Amazon Smile as you would for the regular Amazon. Just think if all of our members (and maybe their family and friends) would do this as a habit. It would really help our budget.
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