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Volume 14 Issue 10

President: Ana Mendez

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Membership: Janice Price

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Ana Mendez

SRWF President


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                  Christmas is a time to reflect and rejoice!

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given

And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

 Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end.

Isaiah 9:6-7

It’s been a privilege to serve as your President along with my excellent Board and Chairs these last two years, 2020-2021. Your membership and involvement made these last two years monumental during almost insurmountable challenges due to the pandemic and our state turmoil. Since we couldn’t celebrate last year, I look forward to thanking you personally at our Christmas celebration December 4 for all we accomplished together. Invite friends and family to celebrate with us. Also, consider bringing raffle prizes as this is our annual fund raiser.

California is privileged to have a new School Choice Initiative that’s trying to obtain 1 million + signatures for the November 2022 ballot. SRWF learned about the initiative from speaker Laura Chiappe at our November luncheon. School Choice is the greatest social justice issue of our time. Now is the time to make it happen in California with the qualification of the voter initiative “The Educational Freedom Act”. SRWF along with CFRW will be partnering to obtain the 1 million + signatures needed. For more information about this initiative go to

In October the 1st Vice President and myself were privileged to attend the State CFRW Convention in Palm Desert. The 2022-2023 slate of Officers for CFRW were elected on Saturday, October 23, 2021. The two main recognitions for SRWF were receiving our Diamond Award and my contribution as Chairman for the Achievement Awards. A record 116 Clubs received Achievement Awards throughout California. Other awards and results of the election for the new incoming President and Board can be viewed at

Also, see changes to the CFRW Bylaws which are referenced at

Later a new Per Capita reporting system will be unveiled. Lastly, all speakers recognized California for its strength in membership and unity. With 11,000 members strong and powerful leadership they applauded our focused purpose to elect Republican to Office. Let’s continue to elect Republicans!

Best wishes to the new SRWF President, Tabitha Gomez and the election of her Officers and Directors who were voted in at November’s meeting. She has a tested team that is ready for takeoff!

        Merry Christmas and may we always remember we are one nation under God.    

 “Stand strong, safe and see God move for us!”

Ana Mendez/SRWF President

Janice Price

2nd V.P. Membership Chair



Let us Celebrate our NEWEST 2021 SRWF Members! The Sacramento Republican Women Federated would like to extend a warm welcome to all who joined since our last newsletter. Thank you!


Cheers to our most recent 2021 Patriots: Ann Adrian, Lori Brantingham, Linda Dushek-Cimpoeru, Quincee Garcia, Sis Hendrix, Della Reese Jenkins, Sherie Matheny, Alexandria Santiago, Debbie Sledge, Whitney Smith, and Aida Tybursky. Our renewing members are Shirley Gager, Lynn Reeves and Maria Smith. We are glad you all joined US!!! Looking forward to all our members getting involved with our Membership. Involvement means working with our Membership Outreach, our Elections, SRWF Communications, our Caring for America Program, Education, i.e., Precinct walking, voter registration, and our Special Events. Or would you like to be a Committee Chair? Every one of these areas need your HELP. Please help contribute to our club..


We are pleased to report we currently have 56 new members and eighty-three renewing members for a total of 139 SRWF Patriot members. Our Associates/Affiliates add fourteen more for a total Membership of 141 for 2021.

If you have any questions regarding newsletter submissions, membership, or receiving the newsletter, please contact me at (916) 838-9980 or by email at


Susan McCrea



The Rise of Socialism:

Education in the USA, Part II

Echoing the sentiments of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson said in 1786, “I think by far the most important…is… for the diffusion of knowledge among the people. No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom, and happiness.” Teaching citizens the principles and foundations of our great Republic and renewing their minds and hearts with these truths is essential to its survival. 


The Fabian Society, invited to come to the USA from England in 1895 (See Part I, November’s newsletter) knew the power of education. Their covert plans to spread socialism began its invasion into colleges and universities over a hundred years ago, as the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The first seeds of socialism were planted in the fertile soil of American youth’s minds at the University of Wisconsin in 1901. Jack London, a Fabian and self-appointed socialist “evangelist”, spearheaded the second club at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1905.  His rousing speech, “Revolution”, attacking the evils of capitalism, initiated a fire-speaking tour throughout the USA to colleges and universities who would open their door to him. He gained many “converts” to his subversive ideology. There was resistance from many conservative institutions, but off-campus venues often would be arranged to bring these ideas to the students. The clubs gradually grew to a greater number, disseminating socialist ideas through speeches, literature, and personal influence to impressionable and idealistic young people.


Later, another famous Fabian, John Dewey, became president of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, whose name had been changed to the League of Industrial Democracy in 1921 after World War I and the tumultuous, communist Russian Revolution. Subterfuge, hiding their intent, was a strong Fabian motto. Dewey, known as the father of modern education, did great damage with his “progressive” thoughts, based on evolution. At the heart of his thinking was the eradication of Christian principles and all religions. As a philosophy teacher at Columbia University in New York, his educational ideas had a great influence on teachers and their students in the public schools.


A mostly silent, cultural revolution of foreign ideas has tried to erode the foundations of our great country. It began quietly and unobtrusively like a few drops of water here and there­­—the first few socialist clubs in the early twentieth century on college campuses. It threatens to become a raging river, trying to overtake the minds of our citizens through the educational system and other parts of our society.


What are some of our “weapons” to overcome this torrent? I believe ardent prayer and spreading the truth are some of our greatest weapons. Sharing the details of this nefarious history can be ways of exposing this attempt to takeover the minds of our citizens with socialist/communist ones and try to supplant the democratic ideals our country is based on, embedded in our Constitution. Educating people about the godly foundations of our nation is also essential. “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!”



Sacramento County Republican Party has a way for you to participate in taking back our school Districts! Mothers Grandmothers and concerned taxpayers can be alerted to their School Board District's agendas and be alerted when something requires participation! Assistance in running for your School Board is also available. Chair and Member Betsy Mahan has done an excellent job of providing a webpage with wonderful information. For more information or to sign up for your school district

Click Here

or visit the SCRP website:

For an example of the Alerts sent to interested parents, grand parents and concerned taxpayers, click on Call to Action for the November 18 Folsom Cordova School Board meeting for a New Charter School. The meeting will be held at the FCUSD Education Services Center Boardroom at 1965 Birkmont Drive, in Rancho Cordova at 6pm. Interested parties can contact

Mona A. Graham

Telephone/Text 916.804.0930

Karen Klinger, Director of Education

Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

Are you busy planning and preparing for a wonderful season with family and friends during this most wonderful time of the year? I start thinking of family members and friends living a distance away and am reminded what a perfect time this is to keep in touch. Need to get the Christmas list from each Great Grandchild, get the Christmas Lights up right after Thanksgiving? Where will we be for Christmas – celebrating in a cabin with snow or staying at home and so much to do.

Then I may drift way back to memories of my younger years with my husband and our first born, Aaron. (In the Bible, Aaron was the brother of Moses and to his sister Miriam.) Christmas is always special, but that year with a new baby and a boy, gave his father moments to plan for the next gift, what he would teach Aaron first and knowing all the time how happy he was.

I don’t know which one of us smiled the most, as we watched our son experience Christmas for the first time. With presents under the tree, Aaron was drawn to the twinkle of bright lights and decorations on the small tree. There was no need for lots of presents as he was not yet one year of age. A stuffed toy was placed in his hands and a look of joy and amazement came over his face when the toy started to sing. He looked at us with a lingering smile, as though he was thanking us, but all the time we were thankful of the miraculous gift God gave to us.

As that day of memories was coming to an end, we found each other snuggled together listing to Christmas music and reading Aaron’s first small paperback Christmas Books.

Years passed and we were graced with 3 more children. Oh, how protective Fathers are of their girls and how exciting it was every year when we would spend most Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays with each other. Now with 2 grandchildren and four active great-grandchildren, more memories will be added keeping me young at heart.

Thanks be to God, Jesus and my Teacher, The Holy Spirit

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As Republicans, we are the only party standing up for the unborn. We have an opportunity to unite with three local Pregnancy Centers, that provide free services to women and children in need.

In December come ready to give baby clothes, diapers, and supplies for new Mom’s. And of course, MONEY.  


  • Bring Baby items to our next meeting: Diapers preemie-to size 4, baby wipes and baby clothes 0-12 months.
  • Go to their website and donate directly or buy items through Amazon linked on their webpages. 
  • Or bring your checkbook and cash to donate.

In December, we’ll have a small gift for our Donors. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

The Three Centers

Phone: 916.880.4040 

Address: 1111 Howe Avenue Suite #610 Sacramento CA, 95825


Phone: (916)624-89901

Address: 1212 Coloma Way, Ste. A Roseville, CA 95661

Phone: (916) 451-4357

Address: 2316 Bell Executive Lane, Sacramento, CA 95825


Embracing lives. One pregnancy at a time.

*For additional information contact Olga Hermann at

December is our “Toys For The Troop’s Kids Project.” These donations are given to children of our deployed Military. They’ve always been happy to see us when we drive up with 2 SUVs packed to the brim with toys! Of course they are just as happy with gift cards and cash. Think of children ages 2-14 when you bring your donation to the December luncheon.

They open on December 4 at their collection station located at Sunrise Blvd. and Greenback Lane. (Between Panera Bread and Sprouts). The military volunteer collectors are from local bases. Mary Smothers will be delivering our contributions after the December luncheon.

Toys for the Troop’s Kids Project also needs volunteers to work the collection stations. If you are able to help, please call and sign up to volunteer: 916 870-7199.  


President: Tabitha Gomez

1st Vice President: Sylvia Marchi-Glynn  -

2nd Vice President: Janice Price

Recording Secretary:  TeriLyn Alexander

Treasurer:  Michelle Waggoner

Financial Review: Janet Gardner


1. Carol McDonald

2. Megan Masten

3. Karen Juten

4. Mary Smothers

5. Nina Caron

6. Marylou Columbo 




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 Opportunity Prizes Needed!

The Opportunity Drawing is a fun and exciting way to support our club. Please consider bringing a nice gift to donate…. gift cards and gift baskets are always a popular choice. The need for prizes is especially important for our Christmas program. It is a critical part of our continuing fundraising efforts and is needed at every meeting. Thank you in advance for supporting this effort. 

To Register Individually Click Here

If you are interested in joining a group of 8 SRWF ladies/guests for a VIP Table, please contact Janet Gardner: or 916 447-0609

SRWF Membership

2022 Membership Fee $40

Contact Janice Price, Membership Chair for SWRF Membership application

Phone: 916-838-9980


Mailing Address for application:

ATTN: SRWF, 6430 Quiescence Lane #A, Carmichael, CA 95608

A Special "SAVE THE DATE" for those interested in running for office or working on a campaign. The California Republican Party will be hosting a Campaign School at the downtown office JANUARY 22, 2022. This will be as comprehensive as the Campaign School was this year so SAVE the DATE!

Calendar of Events

November 25 - Thanksgiving

December 2 - Christmas Party in Folsom at a private residence - SCRP Website for RSVP

December 4 - SRWF Christmas Fundraiser North Ridge Country Club 11 am

December 8- Board Meeting - In and Out Meeting -

December 25 - Christmas

January 1 - New Year

Contact Janice Price: or Ana Mendez: if you would desire our newsletter by e-mail, or have any changes to your e-mail addresses, or have friends’ e-mail addresses that you would like to encourage to join by introducing them by way of our newsletter. WATCH FOR YOUR NEWSLETTER E-BLASTS: Next one is December 22nd. The snail mail versions will be mailed on the above listed date.