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Parkland Real Estate News:

  • The average price of Parkland homes is up!
  • Mortgage rates have decreased
  • Mortgages are still primary way to purchase
  • Many cash buyers


  • 35 Homes were sold in December
  • Total Sales $43.18 Million (vs $33.624 Million in November)
  • Average Price was $1,233,739 (vs $1.085 Million in November)
  • 40% (14 Homes) Sold in 30 Days or Less [Days on Market]
  • 66% (23 Homes) Sold in 60 Days or Less [Days on Market]
  • 13 Homes Cash / 22 Homes Mortgage
  • 10 of the Homes Sold Between $700,000-$999,999
  • 25 of the Homes Sold Were Over $1 Million (3 were $2M or more)

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Excel Chart - Every Sale By Neighborhood at a Glance (link)
MLS Sold Homes With Photos / Map Location

For Buyers, Sellers, Investors:

Homeowner Insurance is Changing

(Buyer Can't Get Insurance/Afford New Rates)


Prior to Listing - You May Want to Get a 4 Point and Windstorm Inspection

Some Sales are Dying At the Closing Table as Buyer Cannot Get Insurance

Sellers Should Know & Fix Issues Before Listing

Buyers / Investors

Insurance Rates Have Increased

(Especially for Older Homes, Homes With Inspection Issues, East of 95)

Know What You Might Expect Before Looking

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