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Kamchatka's native cultures
This summer trek through Kamchatka's dramatic landscapes, experience its indigenous cultures, and see its unique wildlife. Photo Courtesy: JATM


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Explore Kamchatka & The Russian Far East, Summer 2013


Immerse yourself in Kamchatka's native cultures, view wildlife up close and active volcanoes from a safe distance with an experienced trip operator.


Nomadic reindeer breeders
On a helicopter day trip to a remote camp of nomadic reindeer breeders. Photo: Douglas Grimes/MIR Corporation

The operators and outfitters listed below offer trips to accommodate a wide range of interests, physical abilities and budgets. Many trips are synchronized with Yakutia Airlines' 2013 summer service; the rest can be readily adapted to the airline's schedule upon request of the operator.  If you have a particular interest, whether it be surfing, bird watching, or kayaking, or if you are planning a scientific expedition, consider a custom-designed trip; many operators provide such services. 


In the summer of 2013, Yakutia Airlines will expand its Alaska-Russian Far East service to 14 weeks, and will extend the route from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Khabarovsk, one of Eastern Russia's most important transportation hubs and cultural centers. Tickets for Yakutia Airlines' summer service will go on sale through the AirRussia.US network and select computer reservations systems by January 2013. 


Tolbachik Eruption
The Plosky Tolbachik Volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula began erupting on November 27, 2012 after lying dormant for 36 years. Photo Courtesy: Aleksey Maslov
The ongoing eruption of Plosky Tolbachik volcano has drawn much attention in the recent news, but it is just one of almost thirty active volcanoes that stud the primordial landscape of Russia's Kamchatka  Peninsula The region's volcanoes, Uzon Caldera and Geyser Vallecomprise one of UNESCO's largest and most isolated World Heritage sites. Thousands of miles of pristine streams and rivers flow from the central mountain ridges of the scythe-shaped peninsula to the sea, forming ideal trout and salmon habitat. Abundant brown bear, snow ram, Steller's sea eagle and seabird populations make for excellent wildlife viewing. Indigenous Itelmen, Koryak, and Even peoples also call Kamchatka home. Long isolated by politics and geography, Kamchatka now welcomes visitors. 





Amazing Kamchatka Tour by Kamchatintour, July 5 - September 13, 2013

Exploratory Fishing Expeditions by Ultimate Rivers, September 12-26, 2013 

Explore Kamchatka

Bystrinsky Nature Park Tour by Explore Kamchatka with Diligans Kamchatka, Ltd, June-September 2013 

Foresteam Travel

Tour to Lake Kurilskoye by Foresteam Travel July 30 - September 15, 2013    

Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders & The Ring of Fire by MIR Corporation, August 23-31, 2013

50Degrees North

Bears & Volcanoes of Kamchatka by 50 Degrees North, July-August, 2013 



Planet Yakutia

Yakutia Diamond Week by Planet Yakutia, National Tour Operator, August 2013 

Planet Yakutia

Lena River Cruises: Lena Pillars by Planet Yakutia, National Tour Operator, June-September 2013 


MIR Corporation

Trans-Siberian Classic Route - Vladivostok to Moscow by MIR Corporation2013 Dates: May 18-June 1, June 16-30, Aug. 10-24, Sept. 7-21 Options


To learn more about TOURS to Eastern Russia, check the the following links: Kamchatka Tours, Yakutia Tours, Russian Far East Tours





by Rene Limeres 

Siberian Taimen
Siberian taimen achieve the largest size and age of any salmonid, with lengths reputed over seven feet and weights up to 200 lbs or more! This particular fish is estimated to be well over 50 year old. It was released after this photo was taken. Photo: Rene Limeres.


A new fly fishing frontier of great promise has been quietly developing in the last twenty years, unbeknownst to many.  Located virtually at America's back door, only a few hours by plane from Anchorage, Alaska, Russia's Far East- immense, mystiqueful and misunderstood, holds a universe of opportunity that has been barely tapped.  Most of its hinterlands remain totally unspoiled and unfished, filled with an unsurpassed variety and abundance of species. And now with the resumption of direct flights from Alaska via Yakutia Air, this last great place for angling adventure becomes feasible once more for American travelers. With the addition of the mainland city of Khabarovsk to the scheduled route for 2013, Russia's entire Far East region becomes accessible, including the numerous world famous attractions of Primorye, land of the Amur tiger and the world's largest trout, the Siberian taimen.


Check our Blog to read full article. 




Kamchatka Fishing
Many of Kamchatka rainbow trout exceed 7 pounds. Photo Courtesy: The Fly Shop

Kamchatka and the Russian Far East are home to the world's most abundant and biologically diverse population of trout, salmon and char. Eastern Russia's untouched forests also provide excellent opportunities for sports hunting. If you are planning a fishing or hunting trip there, we would like to introduce you to reliable US outfitters. 


The following North American outfitters have extensive experience in arranging trips to Kamchatka and the Russian Far East:




The Fly ShopThe Best of KamchatkaOuzel ExpeditionsUltimate Rivers  Safari Outfitters


 Learn about Kamchatka-based operators at our Outfitters page

Anchorage, Alaska  - February 19, 2013 


Alaska-Russian Far East Opportunities World Trade Center Alaska presents a half-day event to take a new, fresh look at potential business opportunities between Alaska and the Russian Far East (RFE)  region. It will feature six speakers, a mix of both U.S. and Russian trade specialists. Much has transpired since the 1990's when Alaskans actively explored commercial opportunities in the RFE. Recent developments include Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in August of this year, repeal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment earlier this month and last summer's launch of direct air service between Anchorage and and the Russian Far East.


The repeal of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment sweeps aside decades-old trade sanctions against Russia, and opens the way for the establishment of permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) between the United States and the Russian Federation. The bill repealing the sanctions passed easily through the Senate by a vote of 92 in favor and now moves to the White House, where President Obama plans to sign it. The bill is expected to benefit US exporters who had been penalized for the Jackson-Vanik sanctions under WTO rules.  





Holiday Greetings

The holiday season is a natural time to reflect on the past year and plan for the future. We are very grateful to our customers for supporting Yakutia Airlines and InterPacific Aviation and Marketing during 2012, the inaugural year of their Alaska-Russian Far East service, and look forward to serving them in the New Year and beyond.

As we reach the end of 2012, we are filled with the hope and optimism that the holiday season brings, and we wish you and your families a 2013 filled with prosperity, joy, and safe journeys.


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