Shine your light this holiday.

The human capacity to light up dark spaces has always amazed me. Just the concept alone was inspiration enough for our name, Firefly Yoga and Wellness.  
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With Winter Solstice approaching, bringing with it darkness, holiday stress and the cold weather, practicing with light, love and warmth can be beneficial to your well-being. This is the essence of Hatha yoga: applying opposites in order to bring balance to life.  Tools such as yoga and meditation can be applied to your daily living to counteract some of the winter elements and stress that we face here in the busy, cold Northeast.   

Once "filled" with light, love and warmth, we can bring our light into many dark places, whether it be just a cold space or a community in need of healing. Everyday we work on brightening our own light, we become a resource of light to those around us.  So in those moments of darkness and despair, when watching the evening news, reading about a tragedy or finding someone you know facing a deep loss, there is actually something you can do. We see this all the time, one person, making a difference by being the light and love that they wish to see in the world. Not doing, but rather, just being the light.

So find ways this season to burn brightly....raise your vibrations through Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, practice a meditative Silent Yoga Flow & Nidra or fill up by trying Restorative Yoga. The teachers can provide the guidance, and the studio can provide the tools, but your knowledge about your own state of being is needed for this equation. Find what you need, practice and fill, and then spread your light throughout the dark cracks and spaces within our world.

The world needs you.  And your presence of mind, strength of heart and fullness of spirit, can be the greatest gift received by those in your life and in your community. 


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Please support our space by purchasing a gift certificate for your loved ones!
Just a friendly reminder, our studio can continue to serve the community with your support. Any purchase you make allows us to keep the schedule full of classes and bring in new programming for you!  Gift certificates are available this season, and can be purchased by stopping in, calling or emailing us.

Wishing you a bright and sparkling holiday season, filled with love and light.

-Natalie & The Firefly Team

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Please take note...

December Schedule Updates

There are only a few changes in the schedule, including a modified Holiday schedule for Christmas and New Year's Eve.
  • Chair Yoga canceled until January.  We will be discontinuing this class for the month, and restarting it again in January.  If you would like to see this class on a certain day or time, please let us know.
  • Mommy & Me Community Yoga Canceled for December.  Please stay tuned next year for family yoga classes to be offered on a monthly basis.
  • Holiday Schedule -- Please print a copy of the monthly schedule for all holiday hours.  We will be closed Christmas day, and have limited classes Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
  • Get to know our teachers! At Firefly, we believe it is our teaching community that makes us unique.  Made up of many advanced, and expert level instructors, the team at Firefly brings to you a variety of yoga and meditation styles and traditions. Click here to read more about our team.


December Special Classes & Events

Our website is now up to date with all of the upcoming workshops and events! 

Visit the links below to download more details or to add an event to your calendar.


Slow Chakra Flow & Meditation


Date:   Wednesday Evenings (Starts 12/3; no class on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve)

Time:  7:30 - 8:45 PM 
Instructor:   Natalie DiMambro, ERYT

What is it that makes yoga so much more than a stretching or aerobics class? Why is it that some poses give me an emotional release? Why do I prefer some styles of yoga versus others? 

If you are seeking the answers to these questions and more, this may be the class for you. Please join Natalie for this exploration of the Chakras (the body's energy system) through yoga poses, breath work and meditation. We will explore one Chakra each class, with classes building on the previous.  Even if you miss one, not to worry, Natalie will bring in previous week's lesson so that all students can find the tools and information they've been seeking. **ALL LEVELS WELCOME** We will modify poses, so that each student can benefit from the practice.  Pay as you go, or use your class pass.

Intro to Feng Shui: Using Light, Crystals and Sound to Maximize Positive Energy in the Home


Date:   Saturday, December 13, 2014  

Time:  12:30 - 2:30 PM 
Instructor:   Nancy Tursi

Feng Shui is all about energy, and light is the strongest manifestation of energy. In fact, the light in your home - both natural and artificial lighting - greatly influences the quality of your home energy. Come learn to use basics of good Feng Shui using the top Feng Shui priorities for any space, be it home or business. We will also map your floor plan of your residence in class and see where we can make changes immediately! 

Restorative Yoga: Let Go, Relax and Restore


Date:   Friday, December 19, 2014  

Time:  7:00 - 9:00 PM 
Instructor:   Leslie Hadley, ERYT

Give yourself the amazing gift of Restorative Yoga this busy holiday season. Find your inner light, and let it burn brightly, so that you can be fully present for those you love. In restorative yoga, props are used for support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining. 

Your presence of mind and spirit can be the greatest gift you give the ones you love this season! 

Candlelit Silent Yoga Flow and Yoga Nidra


Date:   Sunday, December 21, 2014  

Time:  7:00 - 8:30 PM 
Instructor:   Maria DeNoda, ERYT

Winter Solstice Class: We will light up the studio with candles on the darkest night of the year. 

Join expert-level instructor, Maria DeNoda, for this special winter event. Let your mind relax as you move your body through a slow flowing yoga sequence in complete silence. If you have never tried silent yoga, come and experience the magic of letting your body move without words, letting the practice become a dance and allowing your mind to turn inward. Let your inner teacher guide your movements. Following the silent practice, experience complete relaxation in Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). You will be guided by Maria through a systematic relaxation of the entire body. Some yoga experience required.

Monthly Guided Meditation


Date:   Thursday, 12/11/14 

Time:  7:30 - 8:30 PM 
Instructor:   Olivia Van Wagner, RYT
Join Olivia Van Wagner Thursdays 7:30 PM (12/11) for a guided meditation for all levels, including beginners. 

Crystal Bowl Sound & Light Healing Meditation

Instructor: Faye Nulman, RYT200

Dates/Times :  

  • Sunday, December 7, 2014 (7:00 - 8:30 PM)  
  • Saturday, December 27, 2014 (4:00-5:30 PM)   
Description:  Crystal bowl sound is a form of vibrational medicine that validates everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. When we include forms of visual light to the mix, the body, mind and spirit begin to naturally realign.  Click here to continue reading...

12-Step Community Yoga 


Date:   Every Saturday!!   Time:  8:00 - 9:00 AM 

Join Gwen R. every Saturday for this unique community class, open to anyone working, or interested in working, the 12-steps. By combining Hatha Yoga, meditation and the 12-steps, students can cultivate a powerful practice.
To download and share a PDF of class flyer, please click here.
Suggested Donation: $5


Dates:   Every Saturday!!   Time:  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Instructor:   Leslie Hadley, E-RYT

Join expert-level prenatal instructor, Leslie Hadley, every Saturday for class! Pregnancy is a special and sacred time, and a yoga practice needs to be modified accordingly to honor the needs of each expectant mother.  We are pleased to offer a safe practice for students, focused on relieving stress and anxiety during pregnancy, while also strengthening your body in preparation for childbirth.  Join other mommas-to-be in this warm and welcoming community environment for sharing of personal experience and loving support during this special time in your journey.  Regular class rates apply. You can download and share a PDF flyer by 

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