With Frenemies Like Fukumoto, Who Needs Democrats?

Aloha Republicans:
On Friday, in Hawaii as elsewhere, people were was absolutely captivated by Republican Donald Trump's hard-hitting inauguration speech.  It was a powerful call to arms which alerted the ruling class of Washington, D.C. and the news media that a new sheriff was in town.  While the inauguration was underway, throngs of unloved, bitter and hateful "love trumps hate" Democrats rioted, started fires in the streets, and smashed windows.  But that was just a warmup to yesterday.

, in Hawaii as elsewhere, thousands of angry Democrats who haven't yet recovered from the loss of Hillary Clinton militantly marched to the Hawaii State Capitol to protest Republican Trump's election.  The Democrat rally was basically a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, radical feminist, pro-Obamacare, socialist, radical environmentalist, anti-business, anti-GOP, 'why did Trump beat Hillary' protest of local residents that never vote Republican.

RINO BACKSTABBER :  In yet another blow to Republicans, Hawaii's top elected Republican official and closet Democrat, Beth Fukumoto, was on hand at today's Democrat rally to show solidarity with them and to help fuel the anti-Republican fire at Oahu's Democrat protest.

You remember Beth Fukumoto, don't you?  Well you really need to.  Now that Sam Slom is gone, Fukumoto ( formerly Fukumoto-Chang ) is the highest ranking GOP dignitary in the entire State of Hawaii.  She's the one that we all booed offstage at the May 2016 Republican state convention.  Yes, that's how far we've fallenThat's how much of a mess our party is in.  As HIRA recently reported, GOP chairman Fritz Rohlfing announced on Duke Aiona's radio show that Beth Fukumoto is the one who decides what it means to be a Republican "The onus of party messaging is on current GOP office holders in Hawaii.  The party is there to support incumbents' policies and programs."  And Beth Fukumoto is the top "incumbent" that Rohlfing is referring to as being in charge of the GOP message, policies, and programs.

Before we tell you about today's complete selling out of the GOP by Beth Fukumoto, get to know the real Fukumoto; a wannabe Democrat who has been leading the Hawaii GOP in partnership with other leading RINO's like Miriam Hellreich and Fritz Rohlfing.  Not known either for leading our party to greatness or for fighting against failed Democrat policies, Fukumoto is much better known for her disdain for her own party and for fellow Republicans.  That's why she got booed at the May 2016 state convention of the Hawaii Republican Party.  And that's why she got cheered at the Democrat Women's March yesterday.

During the 2016 Campaign
Well, Fukumoto led Republicans to losses in both houses of the legislature while Trump went on to win.  So her political advice, ability to pick winners, and her overall judgment really sucks.
Okay, you "uncontrollables", now that you're caught up, let's look at yesterday's (Saturday's) unbridled attack on Republicans, the Republican Party and Donald Trump and conservatism in general . . . led by Beth Fukumoto herself.
at the Democrat anti-Trump protest march and rally at the State Capitol (the far-left progressive version of the Tea Party), RINO Beth Fukumoto tried to 'spin' the story about her getting booed offstage last May for specific consumption by her progressive pals in the Democrat audience:  " Last summer when I stood up at my party's convention . . . a ballroom full of a  men and women tossed insults and booed me because instead of pledging to support my party's nominee . . . To that room full of people, I was a traitor, or a fake, or one of the many derogatory words I was called on social media afterward."    Boo hoo!
Referring to her own niece (the daughter of Fukumoto's sister who most recently worked for that other GOP backstabber Kym Pine-Ryglowski), Fukumoto concluded:  "She watched a bully win the presidency of the United States.  A man won the White House with anger and hate, and our kids watched it happen. Now, it's our jobs to make sure they watch us fight back."

Now that's a really powerful and spiteful message clearly designed to help Democrats in Hawaii stay in power for another 62 years.  With half of Hawaii's women (and men) struggle from paycheck to paycheck under failed Democrat policies, it's really hard to see why the handful of remaining elected Republicans tripped over themselves to elect opportunist and RINO Beth Fukumoto as their leader.

Watch the full video of Fukumoto's speech to Democrats
So, anyway, how were Fukumoto's applause lines received by these Democrats?  Well, they ate it up!!  She was basically cheered for having being booed by Republicans.  What's the old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  That's what the audience was thinking.  By appearing before a crowd of angry liberals, closet Democrat Beth Fukumoto finally found a receptive audience for her Trump trashing and Republican bashing.
Miriam Hellreich's favorite Republican Cynthia Thielen was there too, helping to echo the anti-Trump, anti-Republican fervor at the Democrat rally .  "We struggled in the '70s," Thielen said. "I've seen the struggles. I hope the Trump Administration hears us and I say that as a Republican."

Just like Thielen, Beth Fukumoto knew exactly what she was getting into and what she was there forThe purpose of this event was to make Republicans less electable.  And the top Republican in Hawaii and her fellow RINO eagerly piled on.

Anyway, the fact that Democrats invited anti-Trump Republican bashers like Fukumoto to speak to the crowd -- and the fact that two-faced Beth Fukumoto eagerly accepted the invitation to attack Donald Trump and her fellow Republicans -- should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the Democrat infiltration of the Hawaii GOP.  Fukumoto jumped at the chance to heartily trash Trump while her target audience of liberals just lapped it up.  And so, Hawaii's swamp is further than ever from being drained.

HYPOCRISY IN ABUNDANCE :  Not surprisingly, Fukumoto did NOT tell her enthusiastic audience of Democrat Trump-haters that she enthusiastically attended a pro-Trump fundraiser and posed for pictures just a couple of weeks ago.  But that's okay.  Her dark secret is safe with HIRA and readers of this newsletter.  We won't tell anybody.  Especially since she is paying Facebook to sponsor her Democrat rally political speech so it gets seen on her official state Facebook page by as many people as possible.  She wants everyone to know how 'enlightened' and 'progressive' she is in comparison to the troglodytes currently populating the White House and the rank-and-file membership of the local GOP that booed her for repeatedly embracing local Democrats and their policies.

DEEP TROUBLE :  We live in strange times where tax hike and rail enthusiast Bob McDermott strongly warned us that Fukumoto was a full-blown liberal and Democrat accommodationist (echoing HIRA's own warnings) and that Fukumoto was on the verge of switching to the Democrat Party like her mentor Aaron "Ling" Johanson did a couple years earlier.
McDermott repeated those warnings just two months ago.  Here, in the November 10, 2016 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:  "McDermott has accused Fukumoto Chang of being too "cozy" with the majority Democrats in the House, and contends her political approach "undermines our role as watchdog and loyal opposition" to the Democrats. He also said she failed to recruit Republican candidates and raise money for them.  McDermott predicted Fukumoto Chang will be removed as minority leader before the Legislature reconvenes in January, but Fukumoto Chang said she plans to remain in that job."

Then, in a bizarre power play leaving most Hawaii Republican scratching their heads, McDermott turned around and joined Cynthia Thielen and other elected RINO's in endorsing closet Democrat Fukumoto to lead us for another two years.  " Beth is the best choice to represent our diverse group and move us forward on constructive policy initiatives for our state ."  [Message to Bob:  That's some real Twilight Zone stuff, like your tax-hiking votes.]
But again, to those who actually pay attention, McDermott's endorsement of Fukumoto is no more surprising than his election year endorsements of Democrats Mufi Hannemann, Willie Espero, and others.  Likewise, it's not surprising that McDermott led the charge to nominate and install RINO control freak and perennial loser Miriam Hellreich to remain for another four years in charge of the beleaguered Hawaii GOP that Hellreich has been systematically destroying for decades.  Yes, Beth Fukumoto is far from the only two-faced politician in the local Republican scene who easily manipulates conservatives by telling them what they want to hear and then screws them royally.
Just remember that Beth Fukumoto is 'leading' the GOP at the State Legislature right now.  She is your Republican leader.  Her liberal values and liberal agenda and liberal priorities and her proven willingness to sell out Republicans and her own constituents -- with higher taxes, wasteful spending, silence on failed Democrat policies, support for helping tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawaii to take American jobs by forcing county DMV's to issue driver's licences to illegals -- is what happens when the Hawaii GOP is allowed to be taken over by fake Republicans; including Fukumoto who planned to switch to the Democrat Party only a couple of years ago . . . and still has Bob McDermott believing she was going to switch parties only a few weeks ago.  And Beth Fukumoto is the one to whom state GOP chair Fritz Rohlfing is deferring for deciding what Republicans stand for and what matters to us. Auwe!!

There is so much that Hawaii Republicans can learn from the 2016 election and its aftermath.  For starters, we can learn that Trump defied the odds to win in a political environment hostile to Republicans because he spoke truth to power.  Trump's honesty boils down to successfully making the case that politicians and special interests are screwing the public.  On Election Day, the GOP is well-positioned throughout the mainland.  We have a Republican White House, Senate and House of Representative.
But while we're strong nationally, we are extremely weak and declining here in Hawaii.  Our Republican leaders and many candidates sheepishly accept Democrat dominance.  Hawaii's GOP leaders like Fukumoto, Rohlfing, Hellreich, Saiki, Marumoto, Djou and their enablers refuse to boldly and consistently make the case against Democrats.  These RINO's have even co-opted weak-minded and starstruck Trump leaders like Al Frenzel, Kimo Sutton and Nathan "I'm a Prophet" Paikai who urge Hawaii's Trump supporters to throw good money after bad to keep these RINO's in power with donations and ticket purchases.  And that's why Democrats still run things after 62 years and they don't get blamed by voters for the failure of their policies.  It's no wonder we keep losing while these guys run the show.  It's time to drain Hawaii's swamp of RINO's running our party.

Attention Hawaii's "Uncontrollables":   For those of us who want Republicans to be the majority party in Hawaii, we have a huge problem.  Our party is in the hands of these two-faced RINO's and closet Democrats.  They keep leading us to disaster.  With RINO's and closet Democrats running the Hawaii GOP, Is it any wonder we keep losing?   It's Time to Drain the Swamp.  We need to take our party back right away.  Next month is the chance to do it.  CLICK HERE to join the fight to save the Hawaii GOP so we can start winning elections and then fix Hawaii.

Folks, what we need more than anything is a political party which is under completely new management.  So, if you also want a Hawaii GOP which challenges Democrats, challenges the liberal media, challenges failed policies, and works 24/7/365 to help make the Republican Party the majority party in Hawaii, then please join The Phoenix Project -- a coalition of conservatives and 'real Republicans' united to bring positive changes to our party in 2017 so we can start to fix the many problems in Hawaii.

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