Weekly Snapshot
Week of April 4, 2022 | Edited by: Meredith Lew Tan
DEM faculty member,
Dr. Cheryl Stoddart to retire
Cheryl, a Professor and founding faculty member of the Division of Experimental Medicine, has announced her intention to retire at the end of June 2022.

Cheryl earned her PhD in Virology from Cornell University on the study of feline coronaviruses infections and did postdoctoral training on cytomegalovirus in the laboratory of Edward S. Mocarski at Stanford University School of Medicine. She then joined Shaman Pharmaceuticals as a staff scientist to discover novel antiviral compounds in plants used in traditional medicine, culminating in FDA approval of the antidiarrheal crofelemer (Mytesi) for adults living with HIV on ART. In 1995, Cheryl was recruited to the Gladstone Institutes to lead the NIAID-funded contract for HIV drug discovery in humanized mice that had recently been brought from SyStemix by Mike McCune. She became the contract PI in 2000 and was then promoted to Investigator at the Gladstone, heading a lab focused on the preclinical development of new HIV therapeutics. Cheryl was then recruited by Dr. McCune in 2006 to the newly formed Division of Experimental Medicine at SFGH where she maintained the NIAID contract funding and expanded her research program into the molecular biology of cellular factors that promote HIV infection; in particular, heat shock protein 90.
Cheryl is co-PI of the UCSF Regional Biorepository for the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource and has been a member of the UCSF Institutional Biosafety Committee since 2008.
As a scientist, Cheryl broke new ground, and her work provided important results in evaluating new antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment and prevention. She worked to continuously improve the use of a small animal model for studies of HIV, and to optimize the immunological background and methods for reconstituting them with specific immune cell populations. As a colleague, Cheryl has contributed creativity, rigor, humor, and leadership to all of us in the Division. Beyond the DEM, Cheryl has been a generous contributor of her time and wisdom to multiple UCSF committees and initiatives.
Cheryl and her husband, Alan, are looking forward to returning to Alan’s home in the South Island of New Zealand.
We wish Cheryl all the best!