Weekly Snapshot
Week of January 10, 2022 | Edited by: Meredith Lew Tan
N95 Masking
UCSF highly recommends that we wear an N95 mask when working within 6’ of others. To ensure an extra level of protection, we are highly encouraging everyone to wear an N95 while working on site. Xavier picked up N95 masks and placed them in the Oval Office for pick-up (a huge thank you to Xavier!). We have the following sizes:

  • Moldex XS
  • 3M Small
  • 3M Regular
  • Moldex Large

We have one mask available per DEM personnel. If you work in the BSL2/2*, please take a 2nd mask for your cubby.
In the UCSF COVID Recovery Townhall on Friday, January 7, 2022, the following mask efficacy chart was shared by Dr. Peter Chin-Hong.
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