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Introduction. In the USA, a self-insured corporation with a workforce of 10,000 is paying about $100 million dollars for healthcare-- in addition to payments made by the employees. 

We believe that a well-designed initiative based on helping the entire workforce improve their health can result in savings of $5 million to $20 million per year for that size corporation. Why the big range? In a single word: Leadership.

The ARCH system is one of a kind--the first dynamic system that engages every member of the workforce automatically in a continuous effort to help them all improve their food choices in such a manner that has been proven to reverse most chronic disease. Here's what can happen:
As the first wave of CEOs begins to take advantage of the many benefits that come from a healthier workforce, other companies who don't undertake similar initiatives will have trouble competing with those who do.

A. DEMO begins with two one-page documents:

B. Foundation of ARCH: the 4Leaf Survey

 C. More Info on ARCH

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Talking Points (Why ARCH will work)

D. It all begins with senior management

E. ARCH 8-messages re orientation for the workforce.

1. Initial Message to All Employees Involved, including this critical paragraph:

Just to clarify, we're not going to try to tell you what to eat. That decision will always be yours. That's because only you can decide what's best for you and your family. Specifically, we're going to be helping you learn how to move in the direction of an optimal diet--a way of eating that has been very successful at preventing or reversing most chronic disease. 

4.  The Origin of the ARCH Name  In this message we touch on the environmental benefits of adding more whole plants to the diet. We also state: " We're not going to ask you to become a "vegan"   or a "vegetarian."  Those words usually describe more about what we are NOT eating. 4Leaf is all about what we ARE eating."

8.  4Leaf Book for the Asking Tracking the number of "free" books claimed will be a good indicator of employee interest in the process.

F. Going "Live" with ARCH

3. Here's what the  "sign-up" page  looks like

4 Register with email address and simple password (your data will be seen by no one else).

5. After registration comes your 1st official 4Leaf Survey of 12 multiple-choice questions. Following those are two more questions: weight and # of prescription drugs taking now. Those two questions enable ARCH to compute your BMI and track your number of prescription drugs--a number that will be dropping for many people.

5. Database will track survey scores, date taken, BMI 4Leaf level and # of prescription drugs taking. When you take the survey the second time, you will see that your most recent survey score is listed first in the database.

G. What happens next?

1. Everyone will receive an auto-generated message from ARCH each time they take the survey at the 4Leaf Wellness site. 

2. Everyone will be reminded by ARCH to re-take the survey after one month.

3. In addition to providing a one page report for each particular 4Leaf level, ARCH will praise improvement and offer help and encouragement for those who did not improve. Here is a sample report for the BTM Level (10 to 19% of calories from whole plants)

4. ARCH will provide ongoing assistance related to helping people improve their 4Leaf score. For example:  4Leaf Tool Kit for Promoting Health (includes help on food shopping, eating out, avoiding unhealthy foods, etc.; also includes 7 of the 37 chapters in the book, the "4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health")

5. Tracking and Reporting Progress. Top Management will soon be able to track overall dietary shifts along with accompanying health improvements such as BMI and number of prescription drugs taking.

6. Computing Savings. When the corporation adds the actual costs of healthcare to the database, ARCH will be able to report dollars spent per individual and compute cost-adjusted annual savings by comparing to last year's data. 

7. This spreadsheet (with hypothetical data) illustrates how the corporate weighted average BMI numbers may follow modest improvements in the aggregate 4Leaf Scores. 

8. Once those improvements are monetized and the CEO is made aware that the ARCH initiative is quickly generating significant savings, the entire management team may be asked to take a more active role in the process.  

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks, CEO
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