Due to the small shortage in the dental hygiene workforce in Illinois, two bills (one in the House and one in the Senate) have been proposed to alter our Dental Practice Act/Law to allow dental assistants to scale patients 19 years old and under in any setting. Help us stop these bills from passing! Take action and spread the word! Contact your legislators!

Please click here to find your legislators. You need to contact both your STATE senator and representatives. Oppose bills SB3168 & HB4501!

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Sample Letter to send to your STATE senator and representative. Just copy and paste this into the contact form when you look up your legislators:

As Your Constituent I Urge You to OPPOSE SB3168 and HB4501!

SB3168 and HB4501 propose language that will allow dental assistants to perform dental hygiene treatment without a license, appropriate education training, or regulation.

In order to be licensed in Illinois, dental hygienists must graduate from a nationally accredited dental hygiene program. These programs include rigorous clinical and didactic education and training for the knowledge and treatment of oral and systemic diseases that affect the whole body. Dental hygienists must pass multiple board exams, be licensed, and are required to complete annual continuing education courses.

In contrast, dental assistants are not required to have any formal education, complete any continuing education courses, or hold a license. These bills suggest that a one time training would make dental assistants proficient to treat children, teens, and adults.

Allowing dental assistants who only obtain a certification from a 16 hour weekend course to scale teeth, without being licensed or regulated in any way by the Board of Dentistry, would be dangerous and unnecessary!

Your help is needed to protect the public by opposing these bills!


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Below are links to the full language of the bills.

SB 3168

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