The DEPRAG Feed Module DFM is an intelligent, manual screwdriver that increases processing reliability in the industrial assembly of products and optimizes cycle times. Components with complicated geometries, or with hard-to-reach screw positions are no match for the DFM !
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Achieve Optimal Cycle Times!
When utilizing an intelligent manual screwdriver, such as the DFM, screw feeding is automatic; a vibratory bowl feeder or sword feeder allows the DFM to achieve similar cycle times and production rates of an automated assembly process.
Control The Pressure!
The DFM has an integrated stroke mechanism, which can be set to control the pressure used to combine the components. The same force will consistently be applied during assembly and will no longer depend on the physique and condition of the operator. If your application is sensitive to down-force, then the DFM  is perfect for your assembly needs!
Difficult Screw Positions?
The Screwdriver within the DFM has feed motion with vacuum assistance. The vacuum sleeve holds, directs, and positions the screw or nut; therefore, enabling the operator to reach difficult screw positions like those in a rounded housing. If technical cleanliness is an essential factor in your application, we also offer a Particle Killer in conjunction with vacuum assistance. 
The DEPRAG Screwdriver Function Module SFM is the basis for any automated, process-reliable screw assembly. With an extensive design variance, there is a solution for every application. 
Watch SFM in Action!
Modular Screwdriver Technology
Screwdriver Function Modules SFM form the basis of all automatic and process reliable screwdriving assembly operations. The SFM has proven to have significant benefits for system integrators and plant engineers by offering advanced screwdriving technology for any manufacturing application. 
Standard Execution Designs
With six standard structures, DEPRAG covers every requirement of modern screwdriver assembly technology. The standard model has a slim design and carries out horizontal or vertical screwdriving tasks. The short model is ideal for spaces with limited access. If your application requires inverted assemblies, the underfloor design is equipped with an actuating cylinder & locking mechanism to prevent the screw or nut from falling back into the tooling due to gravity. If your applications include fastening nuts, hard to reach areas, or recessed screw locations, the vacuum assistance design will handle the task. The pick & place design will utilize a pick-stroke & lift fasteners from a specified pick position. DEPRAG offers cost-effective, customer-specific solutions for any application that cannot be solved by our standard products.
Optimized Service & Maintenance
Our design engineers' goal is to optimize all service and maintenance efforts; all of our screwdriver spindles are equipped with a lateral guide bolt and spring to regulate the "end-load pressure". The SFM is designed to accept globally available bits and sockets; we implemented a quick-change chuck, which allows for fast bit exchanges. These features alone result in massive savings in follow-up costs and dramatically reduces downtime. Click the video below to watch our quick change chuck in action!
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