NCDEQ issues guidance for high freeboard
plan of action reporting
Today, the Division of Water Quality issued guidance related to reporting for permitted animal feeding operations impacted by Hurricane Florence.

For freeboard levels within structural freeboard occurring between September 12 and September 26, the requirement to file a written report to the Regional Office within 2 calendar days that outlines a plan of action to reduce levels within 5 days has been SUSPENDED.
The following permit condition STILL APPLIES: For facilities with lagoons that exceed the maximum levels specified in the facility’s CAWMP, the permit condition to file a written report within 5 calendar days to the Regional Office. This report should outline the actions taken or proposed to be taken to correct the problem. For storage capacity violations, the written report shall outline the actions proposed to be taken to restore compliance within 30 calendar days.

VERBAL NOTIFICATION to the Regional Office is STILL REQUIRED for exceedances of either structural freeboard or lagoon capacity as indicated in the CAWMP.
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