August 2019

Friends of DES,
As announced by Governor Doug Ducey , Arizona’s booming economy ranks #2 in the U.S. for year-over-year job growth. While the state continues to expand opportunities for Arizonans, DES continues to ensure those who encounter barriers to self-sufficiency can overcome and partake in the prosperity of our communities.

As Arizona’s human services agency, DES provides a variety of services to help put food on tables and place individuals into employment. Because at DES, we provide temporary relief for those seeking long-term solutions by helping them continue on a path to self-sufficiency.

Fifty years ago, we put astronauts on the moon, giving us a new perspective from which to reimagine the world. Imagine what we can accomplish together today, within our communities.  

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Michael Trailor

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2019

On June 13, DES hosted the inaugural World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Conference in Arizona. This event served as a call-to-action for individuals, organizations and communities to raise awareness about the abuse, neglect and exploitation of older adults in Arizona. See the highlights by watching the video above.
4 Ways SNAP Goes Beyond "Food Stamps"

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nutrition assistance for families through monthly assistance benefits, formerly known as "Food Stamps." Although many people think Nutrition Assistance is only something participants take with them to the grocery store, SNAP can take you to your next job interview.
Helping Others Reach Their Potential
ARIZONA@WORK Provides a Special Opportunity

Before Melina started helping others get back on their feet, she was the one looking for an opportunity. ARIZONA@WORK helped her find a new job--on its own team.
From Dirt to Decor: Taliesin Puts DDD Members to Work

The arts represent $9 billion in the state's economy. One small part of this economic engine is the work performed by DDD members for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
Learning the ABCs: Attitude, Behavior, and Confidence

Whether it's the first year of school or the last, going back to school takes planning. Thanks to services by DDD, this planning is all part of the process.
Yes, She Can!
A Move to Independence

Transitions are a natural part of life. The most memorable transition is moving into one's own home - just like DDD member Sarah Blue did a few months ago.
It's Not Just a Job, It's a Passion
Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, Elsie Yoyokie understands the challenges facing the population she serves and has a passion for improving their lives. Having worked for DES for 38 years, she is no stranger to public service.
Child Support Services employee, Armstead Coleman, understands the challenges faced by single parents. Having raised four children, he is paying it forward by helping other parents who are in similar situations.