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Dear Beloved,

It's our pleasure to invite you to read our October Newsletter. 

It has been a rather busy month here at Lapis Lazuli Ministries.

There are photos from Voice of Apostles conference that some of us attended in Lancaster, Pennslyvania. Also there's an announcement about a Healing Workshop. There are also our usual features. Please call the office or email us to get more information about anything that you aren't sure about.

In His Presence


Destiny is a word that is used very often.. We all have divine purpose (destiny) on our lives. I will be using divine purpose and destiny interchangeably. God is extremely passionate about us fulfilling our destiny while satan has always been about trying to destroy it. These days, the enemy seems so desperate. Rather than spend too much time trying to destroy our destiny, since that is taking time, and he does not have time on his side, he is happy to work hard at trying to throw obstacles into our path that will drastically delay us entering our destiny. Putting it simply, Satan tries to short-change our destiny and it's important that we understand a little bit more this tactic.

The Bible tells us:

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." (Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

This implies, as suggested by Rick Warren that our lives are not an accident. We all have destiny, one that only we as individuals can complete. In other words, Father God has a purpose for each one of us. The amazing thing about this is, not only do we enter into great joy and fulfilment when we enter into the God's purpose for our lives, but  we will also benefit, others will benefit, and the world will be mightily blessed simply because we entered into our destiny.  

The Bible also goes on to say:

"All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old"  (Psalm 139:16 NCV).

So God has pre-ordained certain things that are referred to as  "good deeds" that are unique for us to walk in. This means that there are books in Heaven that record our destinies. The enemy knows that our entering our divine assignment results in total destruction of principalities and powers of darkness. 
It is therefore very important that we carry these "good deeds" out in the way Father God wants it done. This involves not running ahead of God or lagging behind him, but staying in His timing, with His resources, and with the people around that He wants us to be connected to, so we enter into our divine assignment, which is our destiny. 

Each one of us has been filled with talents, giftings and potential from God. No-one other than us can develop this potential and we do this, by partnering with God. As we partner with Him, we will discover even more of our own God-given gifts and talents and we will begin to walk in the fullness of them as the Holy Spirit breathes on them.

Some may ask: "Does the enemy have the authority or ability to delay or short-change destiny?" The answer to this is ..."Not really ". However, if we partner with him or give him permission, he usurps our authority. Satan is very legalistic and if we allow him into our lives, he will take any ground that is given to him.  
Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He said that all authority had been given to Him, so He was handing it all to His disciples and to you and me down through the generations. In other words, satan was not given any authority by Jesus. The only way satan can get authority is when we give it to him unintentionally. Sometimes the enemy scares us with lies, and when we believe them, we are indirectly operating from a place of fear, depending on what the lie is. In this way, we have inadvertently given some legal right in our heart for the enemy to come in and influence our actions, belief and therefore behaviour, through depositing fear there. In other words, he can influence my destiny because I am partnering with him. Remember that the bible says that we were not given a spirit of fear but rather boldness and sound mind. So whenever there is fear, it's not from Father God but rather from the enemy. Also fear usually takes the place of faith, so the enemy always wants to disrupt faith because he knows that faith pleases God. Hebrew 11v6. 

Some of us know what our God-given talents are but sometimes the enemy gives us a greater passion for a lesser talent, which really is a hobby. Because we spend less time on our actual talent which is connected to our divine assignment  and more on this hobby, in no time, we become excellent at this hobby, to the detriment of the talent. We end up not working on our talent (which affects our ability) to become confident and to use it for God's divine purpose as desired. In this way, we miss the opportunity to enter easily into our destiny using this talent, simply because we didn't connect and spend time training or exercising the talent.. We thus open ourselves up to a delay in entering our destiny. 

Entering our destiny sometimes involves us waiting but we sometimes waste the 'waiting time' or are unable to glean from the experience of the 'waiting time' that which Father God wants us to learn. Sometimes, we are impatient with God and want to enter in, defying the importance of right timing. It's sometimes the things that we learn in the valley, that sustains us on the mountain tops. 

Finally, sometimes we have a sense that we were born to accomplish certain things, which may be connected to our destiny. However each time we seem to have it in our grasp, it seems to fizzle away and sometimes we have prayed about it but have had little or no success. There are the things we contend for on the battle ground with the enemy. There are also those things where we need to ask Jesus to take us to the Courtroom in heaven to see what is written on our family scroll. We need to ask Him to see if there are curses that need to be addressed that are hampering our ability to enter into our destiny. Getting a personal Sozo may help to address this. For more information, visit www.bethelsozonetworknigeria.org

Mina x

Lapis Lazuli Ministries - Healing Workshop

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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