December 2017
DETOX 2017 - CLEAN in '18
So what are you going to do in 2018 - I have a great idea!!
I have listened to so many seminars, been to conferences, heard from the "experts" to buy this - try that - this will help with this ailment - try this for detox and weight loss - this product will cure this disease and you know what - in most cases - it just isn't true. Most companies are trying to make a dollar, a profit, as that is what it's all about in this 'fix it with a pill' society. And you do know that the supplement industry isn't regulated so -- buyer beware.

I am going to talk about DETOX. Wow -- is that the craze or what. You can try this pill, this tea, this box of DETOX goodies, this enema, this food, and the list just keeps on rockin' my friend. So what is important to know!! You can detox your body naturally!! Here are a few thoughts on how to GET CLEAN IN '18 naturally.

DETOX - Get clean in '18

Start off slow - start with 1 week in January and follow these tips!

  1. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so treat it well. Don't put commercial creams or wonderful smelly fragrance body lotions on it - go clean with natural organic coconut oil - great moisturizer.
  2. Detox your body through regular sweats - saunas, steam rooms. Its a great way to get toxins out of the body naturally.
  3. EAT CLEAN in '18. Foods that are naturally detoxifying are: Lemon juice - helps the liver which is the main organ for detoxifying along with the kidney to rid the junk we eat and drink so treat it well. Veggies are key to detox and some goodies are; broccoli, cabbage, greens, kale, beets (really good) artichokes, carrots and onions. Organic berries offer nice sweet taste t smoothies.
  4. Turmeric and oregano are good to add to foods
  5. Exercise - important in helping the systems detox
  6. Breathe - did you know that deep breathing helps detox the body
  7. EAT ORGANIC - This is so important - there are many pesticides and chemicals on our foods. This is the most important step in DETOX - if you don't eat CLEAN - your efforts are for naught.
  8. Drink Water - lots of good water. This is a key to detox so your body can rid itself of things that shouldn't be in our body.
  9. Whole foods - Eat foods that have been ALIVE and haven't been transformed into processed garbage containing who knows what in the list of ingredients.
  10. Have fun -- laugh -- and love! Make this a family challenge -- try it for just 1 Week and let me know how you did.
Let me know how you do in the 1 week challenge to get Clean in '18
3 things to help -
  1. Go 1 week without alcohol - it really taxes your liver
  2. NO SUGAR -- a must for your BE clean in '18
  3. NO Packaged or Processed Foods
Think about the things that affect us - clean water, vaccines, nutrition, chemical exposure (flea and tick applications), household products - they all contribute to our health and that of our pets.

TRY just for a week in January to be Clean!

Here's wishing each of you a Happy New Year!! May it be a healthy one for you!
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