Delaware Launches Vaccine Incentive Program

Governor Carney and the Division of Public Health announced DEWins!, an incentive and public education program aimed at encouraging all eligible Delawareans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Delawareans can get their vaccine and get a shot at great prizes.
The Prizes:
vaccinated in Delaware will be entered into a raffle for a full scholarship to a Delaware university.

Additional prizes will be provided by:
vaccinated in Delaware between May 25 and June 29 will have the opportunity to win cash prizes for the next five weeks

Two Delawareans a week will win $5,000.

Other prizes include:

Tickets to Firefly
Four-day vacations at destinations in Delaware
A DART pass for a year
Free tolls within the state of Delaware
All Delawareans who have been vaccinated in Delaware are eligible to win $302,000 and two-low number license plates! The winners will be announced June 30.

In addition to the giveaways, we’re partnering with small businesses throughout the state to offer incentives to all vaccinated Delawareans.

Does your business want to be a part of this? Apply now!
Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies you to win a prize?
Delawareans vaccinated in the state of Delaware will be entered into a larger raffle for a shot to win high-ticket items. Those who will be entered in the raffle include:
  • All vaccinated Delawareans ages 12-17
  • 18+ and received your first vaccination after May 24
All Delawareans vaccinated in Delaware will be eligible for the final prize of $302,000 and two low-number license plates, to be announced on June 30.

How will winners be chosen?
DEWins! will pull anonymized numbers in DelVax, Delaware’s vaccination registration system. The Delaware Lottery will take those secure codes and put them through a randomizer, generating a winner to be matched back with the DelVax system. All state employees involved in the planning process will be prohibited from entering the contest. No one other than the Division of Public Health (who already possesses vaccination data) will have access to anyone’s protected health care information or become aware of someone’s vaccination status without appropriate consent and authorization.

I got my vaccine already. Am I eligible for a prize?
While you are not eligible for most of the raffle prizes, you are eligible for the final prizes of $302,000 and two low-number license plates. You are also eligible for offers from small businesses and restaurants across the state by showing your vaccination card. Check back soon for a list of all venues participating!
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