January 2020 Update
DEY works for a just,
equitable, and quality
early childhood education 
for every young child.

DEY's Summer Institute is July 19-21

Come be part of a group of early childhood advocates, from across the country, who will work together to develop an advocacy platform that supports the whole child, respects child development, and recognizes the importance of play for all children.

A three-day conference where our participants will hear from a panel of early childhood experts, listen to keynote speakers and participate in hands-on working groups.

We are convening at the Eaton Hotel in Washington DC, from Sunday, July 19 though Tuesday, July 21.

Registration: $100/person
We have an Early Bird Registration: $75/person until March 19th.

Hotel Rooms $185/night DEY's room code is SUG19A
( *note, the rooms at this rate are limited and we can't guarantee this rate once the block of rooms is fully booked)

Book your hotel rooms early!
Reactions and experiences from last year's attendees:
Phyllis Doerr, a kindergarten teacher from New Jersey and a participant in the 2019 Summer Institute, said, " I came to the Summer Institute excited to talk about getting play back into the kindergarten classroom."
" We know what's best for children, to speak out for them, because if we don't do it, no one else will," declared Maureen McGurk, a teacher from Pennsylvania.
Cindy Ligon, an early childhood program director and officer of the Tennessee Association for Children's Early Education, appreciatively reported, " I look forward to integrating what I've learned and acting on it. This Institute has given me a framework from which I can begin. My mind hasn't stopped spinning with ideas!"
DEY's Blog

Are You Ready to Make 2020 the Year of Early Childhood? by Denisha Jones

It is a new year and we at Defending the Early Years are excited to continue our work promoting policies and practices that promote a just, equitable, and quality early childhood education for every young childhood. In addition to preparing for the  2020 election , we want to share with you some of the many events happening across the country and in the world related to early childhood education. We hope you will join us this year in making 2020 the Year of Early Childhood Education!

Read Denisha's Blog here .

"The Miraculous Nature of
Everyday Play"

DEY's latest video is "The Miraculous Nature of Everyday Play" featuring DEY's founders, Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane Levin. It is the first in our new Defending Play series. #DefendingPlay

In it, they expertly discuss the threats to play, why it’s so important to young children’s optimal development, and why we must preserve and protect it. Don't miss this beautiful video!

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Resources from DEY

Are you concerned about little or no learning through play in today's early childhood classrooms? Do you see young children stressed out about having to sit still for table tasks or being tested on material that is not developmentally appropriate? Do you worry about the impact of screens and technology on your students, both inside and outside the classroom? Do you feel the need to speak up about your concerns, but are not sure about how to do it? If so, please check out some of DEY's resources below:
Find additional resources on DEY's Recommended Resources page.
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