Documented Faith Week 45
Hello Week 45 and welcome to all of you that are new! I am so happy that you registered for this newsletter. Make sure you read everything here because there are some good things happening!

Thank you all for coming to the virtual online Facebook Live party on Thursday night. That sort of thing is way outside my comfort zone is not about me. After reminding myself about that 1001 times and then put myself down for a nap about 2 hours before it was set to start, I woke up ready to go. I put on a dress, tucked it into my jeans and sat down at mission control.
I had planned to log on about 4 minutes BEFORE it was set to start and 4 minutes AFTER it was started, I was still trying to connect. That's when I said out loud with tears in my eyes, " this is why I shouldn't do things like this. " Stupid little hiccups like that trip me up pretty quickly and I don't like to admit that but it is the truth.

Why would the fact that I could not get into the Facebook Event page make me want to quit my job?

Why would I think " this is why I shouldn't do things like this. "

I know exactly why.

The enemy was shooting arrows at the target that apparently was on the back of the dress that I had tucked into my jeans. Once I remembered that, I put on my warrior boots, dawned my Documented Faith hat and went for it.
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Documented Faith 2017 - Week 45
Week 45     11/5-11/11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

NIV Notes:
You will never realize God’s dream for your life until you come to the stage of decision making and step out in faith.

God’s dream for you is personal. Only you can fulfill the purpose God has planned for you. How do you get God’s dream for your life? You’ve got to be willing to dedicate your life to God, committing in advance to do whatever he tells you to do.

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Book Signings &
Chocolate Chip Cookies
it's a toss up on what is more important...
Next Week, Saturday, 11/11 at Paper Crown in Oklahoma City :book signing AND Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 28th & 29th at WhimSoDoodle in St. Petersburg, FL
Two workshops, a book signing,chocolate chip cookies and a whole lot of Fah-Lah-Lah fun!  All of the details are posted on my blog here and on the WSD Website ! It is going to be a great time and I sure hope that you can join us.
The Core Purpose of
 Documented Faith

It is not about religion. It is about a personal relationship with Jesus.  It is about developing the habit of spending time reflecting, reading, worshiping, learning and memorizing God’s word in a creative way. Documented Faith was created to remind, encourage and inspire each other to record, illustrate, document and journal our everyday moments, how God is working in us and through us, what Bible verses speak to us and how they apply to our situations, reminders and inspirational quotes and most importantly, how our relationship with Jesus and with others is growing. *There is no start date, no finish date, no right way or wrong way to do it...just the gentle, persistent encouragement in the way of an email with a verse that lands in your inbox once a week. That's it.
What you do next is up to you. Some take the verse and create cards and share them with others. Some rewrite it in another translation in the margin of their Bible, some just read the verse.
The Documented Faith community is growing daily and the encouragement and sharing is just amazing.

2017/2018 Workshop & Retreat Schedule UPDATED on the BLOG here
Creative Soul Camp Retreats in 2018
My Creative Soul Camp Retreat dates at The Whatever Craft House in Newton Kansas for 2018 have just been released and there are THREE!


February Guest Teacher : Jenn McGlon of Noodle & Lou

June Guest Teacher:
Debbie Candfield of Canfield House

October Guest Teacher: Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith

To read all of the details, click here. 

You are able to REGISTER NOW by making a deposit on any of the retreats. Space is limited to 15 campers per retreat so if you have a friend that would be interested in joining you, pass the info onto them!

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