DFC Reporting Deadline Postponed
The submission deadline for the Fall 2019 Progress Report and Coalition Classification Tool (CCT) has been postponed. The DFC Me system is currently undergoing updates to reduce burden and streamline DFC grant recipient submission of progress report data.

The dates for the Fall 2019 DFC Progress Report and CCT submission will be announced as soon as possible. Please continue to check your DFC Me E-blasts for information about the submission deadline and system updates. All DFC coalitions will have sufficient time to complete their reports once the submission window opens.

Getting Access to DFC Me E-blasts
If there are members or staff in your coalition who do not currently receive DFC Me E-blasts and would like to, please encourage them to contact us at DFC_Evaluators@icfi.com. We would be happy to add them to our regular mailing list.

Coalition staff who have DFC Me accounts may also access recent E-blasts by logging in to DFC Me and scrolling down to the E-blasts section. To view an E-blast, simply click on the title, then click on the URL under "link to the Constant Contact archive". As a reminder, DFC Me accounts are only for those individuals serving in one of the three DFC key personnel roles: Program Director, Project Coordinator, and Grant Award Recipient Contact. Any changes to key personnel contact information and DFC Me accounts must be approved by the coalition's Government Project Officer. 
Reminder: Ongoing DFC Me System Updates
For the duration of the updates, the following tabs will be  unavailable :
  • Progress Reports
  • Core Measures
  • Coalition Classification Tool (CCT)
DFC grant recipients will be notified once the tabs are back online.  In the meantime, several DFC Me sections are still available.  Users are encouraged to update their Sector Representatives, submit surveys for review, read and submit success stories, view DFC Resources in the Learning Center, and check their coalition Report Cards. 

New Reports and Social Media Resources 
on DFC  Me
Have you taken advantage of these brand-new resources yet? If so, use #DrugFreeCommunities and mention @ONDCP on Twitter to share your posts with the DFC community! If not, read on to learn how you can share DFC successes with your followers! 

Issue Briefs
Issue Briefs highlight trends and accomplishments made by DFC grant recipients around specific topics of interest. This July, the National Evaluation Team released three reports that share insights about Vaping, Opioids, and Law Enforcement Collaboration. Feel free to download these documents, post them on your coalition's website or social media pages, and share your thoughts using #DrugFreeCommunities
Vaping Issue BriefIn 2018, over one third of DFC coalitions mentioned vaping in their February or August Progress Report. Check out this report to learn about the strategies coalitions are using to prevent and reduce vaping, including how youth coalitions have mobilized to fight e-cigarettes. 

Law Enforcement Issue Brief: Law Enforcement is ranked among the most highly-involved sectors by DFC coalitions. If you've ever wondered how coalitions foster strong relationships with Law Enforcement and other sector representatives, this brief provides a great starter guide, with examples from progress report data and the 2018 site visits. 

Opioid Issue Brief: In August, 2018, nearly all DFC coalitions (89%) selected prescription opioids, heroin, or both as one of the top five substances they target in their work. This brief provides details on the strategies that coalitions are using, as well as innovative approaches described in progress reports. 

The Issue Briefs can be found in the DFC Me Learning Center, under DFC National Evaluation. Remember, only coalition staff have access to DFC Me, so if you'd like to share a brief publicly, you'll first need to upload it as a PDF on your website or profile. 

Social Media "Bytes"
Do you want to draw more attention to your coalition's work on Twitter, Facebook, or other websites?  If so, we've created visual resources to help you share information about Drug-Free Communities. The images in the Social Media Bytes package are based on the 2018 End of Year report, and they represent the most up-to-date information about the scope and impact of the DFC program. 

To get started, simply download the Social Media Bytes document from the DFC Learning Center, under DFC Resources > DFC Custom Materials. Remember, only coalition staff have access to DFC Me, so if you'd like to share a link to a Social Media Byte, you'll first need to post it as an image on your website or profile. Make sure to use #DrugFreeCommunities and mention @ONDCP to connect your post with those of other coalitions!  

As always, please reach out to the DFC National Evaluation team if you have any questions about DFC Me or progress reporting requirements at dfc_evaluators@icf.com or (877) 854-0731.