DFF3D Update Improves Default Settings & TVG Parameters For An Enhanced "Out Of The Box" Experience!
August 11, 2020
Service Advisory #2020-12T
We're pleased to announce availability of a software update for the DFF3D Multi-Beam 3D Sonar. As of July 10th, all DFF3Ds are being shipped with version 1.05 software, which changes the default settings along with TVG (Time Varied Gain) parameters to improve fish detection at all ranges.

Improved Default Settings
The default beam angle and beam width have been changed to effectively cover 120°. The default clutter has also been changed from 0 to 25 to show individual fish and groups of fish more clearly, while suppressing noise and weak targets when in manual gain mode. 
Improved Time Varied Gain (TVG)
DFF3D v1.05 software improves how TVG works by revamping the TVG graph to correspond to our commercial Fish Finder models.
For a complete description of changes in v1.05 software, please click here. The DFF3D software file, along with version history and update procedures, can be downloaded from the Software section of the DFF3D product page.
Warranty Allowances
This software update is provided at no charge to all DFF3D customers. Furuno USA's standard warranty and travel allowances are NOT applicable to this update. Dealers and Resellers wishing to offer this update as a service to their customers are authorized to charge whatever update fee they deem reasonable for labor and materials.
If you have any questions, please visit our website (www.FurunoUSA.com) and click on "Get Support," then "Ask a Question." You may also contact a Furuno support technician at either our Camas, WA facility, (360) 834-9300 or at our Denton, MD facility, (410) 479-4420.

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