July 2018
Director  Ernest Chrappah
Safety on the Streets

As the evolution of the ride continues, it is imperative to recognize that bike lanes are an increasingly important part of the District's transportation infrastructure. So be aware that as protection for both cyclists and pedestrians, it is illegal for ANY vehicle to park or idle in bike lanes-even for brief periods.
Our enforcement department will remain diligent about ensuring compliance with laws governing bike lanes. The Bowser Administration is creating a multi-agency task force to address bike safety and increase public awareness about the issue. 

It is also critical to let us know about violations by sending reports to DFHV.Complaints@dc.gov.
DFHV Limousine Report

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has released the first ever report to offer a glimpse into the service trends and patterns of limousine service across the District and the surrounding jurisdictions. The report presentation is available for review on the DFHV Dashboard. It is based on trip data collected from over 100,000 trips, with 733 unique vehicles for the period from e arly April 2017 through late March 2018.

Among the key findings are the following:
  • Weekdays are most popular days for limousine trips
  • Weekday trips account for 77.1% of all limousine trips recorded
  • Thursdays have the highest number of trips of any day of the week
  • Sundays have the lowest number of trips of any of the day of the week
  • Mondays are the least popular weekday with almost 48% fewer trips than the most popular day


The Evolution of the Ride
Fiscal Year 2019 Strategic Planning

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has begun the process of considering strategic initiatives for Fiscal Year 2019 which begins October 1, 2018. The initiatives will be refined and defined over the next several weeks. The strategy will lead the agency efforts to develop programs and policies with the overall objective to ensure residents and visitors have access to safe and efficient transportation options.  Your feedback is welcomed. Please forward comments to DFHV@dc.gov .
The Weekly Dropoff Podcast

The Weekly Dropoff podcast is a way to get updated information, and listen to interviews about the local for-hire industry. The First Friday Live shows that are broadcast at 1:00 pm on the first Friday of each month allow listeners to call with questions, comments, and some interesting feedback.

Check out episodes anytime on the DC Glovebox; the DFHV Soundcloud Channel; or call 605.468.5807. The call-in number also offers Ethiopian radio stations. So whenever you need a pick-me-up...make sure you tune into the Weekly Dropoff.

The Weekly Dropoff
Resource Center
Effective July 3, 2018, the Client Services Resource Center will be available on every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Drivers are encouraged to come in during this period for assistance with online submissions and/or to complete the required online training courses. Laptops will be on-site for use so take advantage of this opportunity to receive specialized one-on-one service. The Client Services Center can also be conveniently contacted anytime by submitting questions to the  DFHV Inquiry Form . Replies will be sent within 24 hours or the next business day.  
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain their current contact information on file which must include a current mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification.
Tell Us What You Think
Your feedback is critical for the Department of For-Hire Vehicles. The suggestions and observations received from those in the industry, related stakeholders and the general public offer useful insight that shapes policies, programs and regulations.  Give Feedback
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