November 2018
Director  Ernest Chrappah
Farewell...but not good-bye

Recently, Mayor Bowser asked me to step into a new role as the Interim Director of the District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). I want to share my gratitude to the staff of DFHV, to for-hire drivers and companies, to our stakeholders, and the riders who have used for-hire transportation services for the last 3+ years. It has been a tremendous honor for me.

I believe the industry continues to evolve and am confident DFHV is well-positioned to manage  the impact of changes to ensure consumer choice and protection.

I want you to welcome David Do as the new Interim Director. He will do a great job to fulfill the vision of this administration to provide the public with effective and efficient transportation options.

The Digital Transformation Statistics At A Glance

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles is charged with protecting the public interest through the oversight of the vehicle-for-hire industry. Services include licensing, adjudication, enforcement, Lost & Found and pilot programs to reach traditionally underserved communities. Outlined below is a brief overview of the digital transformation of the District's for-hire transportation industry since the transition to DFHV in 2015. These 2018 metrics highlight the evolution of the DFHV.
  • 5 active developers have registered to access the API that provides real-time taxi and limousine availability 
  • 704 licensed independents and companies have registered to access the online business portal 
  • 4,000+ applications processed 
  • 10,175 licensed taxis, limousines and other for-hire vehicles 
  • 17,715 licensed drivers of taxis, limousines and other for-hire vehicles 
  • 185,467 private sedans, taxis and luxury class vehicles 
  • 45 million total number of trips 
  • 327 million miles traveled 
  • $600 million in economic contribution by for-hire vehicles in 2018 
  • $725 million in fares
Other data about the District's for-hire transportation industry can be found at the DFHV External  Data Dashboard.
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Title 31 Revision

DFHV has adopted a  Proposed Rulemaking to revise Title 31. The objective is to eliminate unnecessary legacy rules and redundancy; incorporate best practices from other jurisdictions; and reorganize the regulations to be more user-friendly through the use of plain language.

The Notice of this Proposed Rulemaking was published in the  DC Register on November 16, 2018. The public comment period is now open so please stay tuned for announcements regarding public hearings. 

DFHV encourages everyone from industry stakeholders to the general public to submit comments to: DFHV, 2235 Shannon Place, S.E., Suite 3001, Washington, D.C. 20020, or via email at 
Open Enrollment for Health Insurance
DC Health Link, the District of Columbia's health insurance marketplace, is on a mission to insure all DC residents. Open Enrollment for individuals and families is ongoing and ends on January 31, 2019. Visit the online marketplace at , to shop and compare coverage options from CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente. Free enrollment help is available by phone at (855) 532-LINK [5465] and in person at your nearest enrollment center

Residents who enroll on or before December 15, 2018 will have their benefits effective January 1, 2019. After that date, plan selections made by the 15th of each month will be effective on the first day of the following month. Small businesses, as well as individuals and families eligible for Medicaid, can enroll at any time. Don't delay , enroll today!
The Weekly Dropoff

The Weekly Dropoff is the DFHV podcast that offers listeners insight to agency programs and services, awareness of trends in the local for-hire industry, and introductions to the various people that can impact drivers, operators, and consumers. Fresh shows are posted every Friday with a live version available on the First Friday of every month at 12 noon.  We strive to make each show enjoyable. 

You can find the Weekly Dropoff by searching for DFHV on  soundcloud. T he show is available on the DC Glovebox. Yo u can dial 605-468-5807 and hit extension 1 for the latest show or extension 2 for the previous episode. You can join the live First Friday podcast by pressing extension 5; and several Amharic language radio stations are also available on extension 4.

So when you want a pick-me-up tune in to the Weekly Dropoff. 
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain their current contact information on file which must include a current mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification.
Tell Us What You Think
Your feedback is critical for the Department of For-Hire Vehicles. The suggestions and observations received from those in the industry, related stakeholders and the general public offer useful insight that shapes policies, programs and regulations.  Give Feedback
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