September 2019
Director David Do
DC Is A Smart City  

Next month, the Department of For-Hire Vehicles will be representing the District among a wide array North American city leaders at the Smart Cities Connect Conference. The conference will be held at National Harbor from October 8 - 10, 2019.

We will be joining our peers for a deep dive on shared challenges and learn from municipalities about solutions that can ultimately drive increased quality of life for their residents and visitorsDFHV is looking forward to continuing to lead on topics such as microtransit, research, and accessibility. 

Several of our programs, Transport DCT2R , and DC Microtransit  offer examples of the successful use of sharing information and data analysis to meet the objective to support mobility as a service. Leveraging innovative solutions to improve transportation options is a smart approach for cities to take.

The Bowser Administration is determined to reinforce the "smart city" image of Washington, DC through investments in infrastructure and operations. As a 2019 Smart 50 Award winner, DFHV is committed to enhancing transportation equity, ensuring safety and accessibility, and supporting consumer choices through rigorous oversight and robust programs.

Open Streets DC - October 5, 2019  
Open Streets DC

Join Mayor Muriel Bowser for the District's inaugural Open Streets DC along Georgia Avenue NW between Barry Place NW and Missouri Avenue NW. Almost three miles of the street will be closed to motor vehicle traffic, thereby allowing residents to walk, bike and enjoy a wide range of activities for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds along the roadway. The event is happening rain or shine!

When: Saturday, October 5, 2019 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where:  Georgia Ave. NW between Barry Pl. NW and Missouri Ave. NW

DC Statehood - The 51st State

The DC Statehood Constitution
The DC Statehood Constitution

Mayor Bowser led the District's coalition of supporters to Capitol Hill to testify on behalf the DC statehood. Specifically, the hearing before the  House Oversight and Reform Committee was held to consider the Washington, DC Admission Act (H.R. 51). This was the first House hearing on DC statehood in over 25 years and 219 members of the House have signed on as cosponsors of the bill.
"I was born in Washington, DC, and generations of my family - through no choice of our own - have been denied the fundamental right promised to all Americans: the right to full representation in the Congress guaranteed by statehood," Mayor Bowser stated in her testimony. In addition, she pointed out the following facts:
  • While residents have had to register and be subject to the draft, the District has no congressional vote on whether to go to war. Since World War I, Washington, DC has sent nearly 200,000 brave men and women to defend and fight for democracy abroad, and tragically 2,000 of those patriots never made it home. 
  • The Supreme Court and other federal judges render judgments binding on the District, but residents lack Senators who can vote on their confirmations. 
  • District residents pay federal taxes, but have no vote on how those taxes are appropriated. 
  • The prosecutors of our criminal laws are federal officials, and not elected by the residents of Washington, DC.
Please spread the word about #DCStatehood on social media and reach out to familiy and friends all across the United States and ask them to join our fight

Mayor Bowser Addresses Supporters at Rally for DC Statehood

Citywide Conventions

Washington, DC will serve as the host city to several upcoming conventions that will represent an exciting and diverse collection of "citywides" at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. These events will generate economic activity across the District as guests stay at hotels, eat at local restuarants, visit city attractions, and ride around in for-hire vehicles.
Attendance at these conferences is expected to range from 6,500 to 30,000 people. This is information that can be a real benefit to help understand who is in town and how to best welcome and capture business from the event attendees.

For more information visit Destination DC

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Safe Passage - Man the Block 

Mayor Bowser, in conjunction with the DC Public Schools, the Metropolitan Police Department, and other District government agencies have launched an initiative to help keep DC students safe as they get to and from school. The Safe Passage Program establishes Safe Spots along corridors frequently used by students including specific businesses, organizations and faith-based organizations. These locations can be a place of safety in case of emergency. Safe Spots can be identified by the Safe Spot sign visible in the business window or public area. 

The public is invited to participate with the "Man the Block" Safe Passage event in the Congress Heights community on Friday, October 4, 2019 from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. This event will be held at the Center City Public Charter School at 220 Highview Place, SE. The visible presence will show students and the community that an effort is being made to protect the neighborhood children.
Stay Diligent and Report 

DFHV reminds the public that reporting lost and found items and submitting complaints can now be done through  DC311, as well as, the How's My Driving app, via twitter @DFHV_Complaints, on the DFHV website, or call (202) 645-7300.

Raising the Flag with 51 Stars #DCStatehood

G-Techna Training Session On Parking & Enforcement Software Upgrades 

For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council Meeting
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