January 2020
Director David Do
Agency Performance Oversight  

Recently, I testified before the City Council 
Committee on Business and Economic Development regarding the performance of the Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV).

In Fiscal Year 2019, DFHV had three strategic objectives: 1) ensure passengers have safe and excellent riding experiences; 2) expand business opportunities and maintain economic viability within the for-hire industry; and 3) improve accessibility and responsiveness to the transportation needs of residents and visitors. I am proud to say that we met or exceeded the key performance indicators in our agency performance plan.

The for-hire ride service industry generated at least $769 million in economic contributions in FY 2019. Taxicabs did about 8.8 million trips during this period; and we calculated that private for-hire operators took about 5 million trips per month.

With guidance from Mayor Bowser, we will continue to develop programs to support economic opportunities for District taxi operators and seek opportunities to take bold and comprehensive actions. Our intent is to work towards having a fair ride services industry built on the foundation of excellent customer experiences.

The DFHV Fiscal Year 2020 strategic initiatives will leverage technology to enhance safety and compliance checks. Our commitment to accessibility is unwavering as we develop incentives for operators of wheelchair accessible vehicles. We will continue to offer grants to develop new transportation services and programs. The engagement with i ndustry operators and stakeholders, transportation planners, other regulators and related businesses provides insights to develop policies, shape programs and services, and understand best practices within the industry.

DFHV programs and policies are intended to expand economic opportunities, solve problems within the industry, and foster innovation to eliminate transportation barriers for all our residents and visitors. We invest in data analysis to drive agency decisions to find ways to service the needs of customers and operators while supporting an economically viable industry.  

Let's get 2020 started!

Happy New - It's 2020!    
For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council

For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council Meeting

The input of the For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council (FHVAC) is critically important and extremely helpful to making decisions related to the circumstances in the local marketplace.  The purpose of the FHVAC is to offer guidance to DFHV on all matters related to the regulation of the for-hire ride services industry. The 2020 meeting schedule is as follows:
  • March 17, 2020
  • June 16, 2020
  • September 15, 2020
  • December 15, 2020 
The FHVAC is composed of eleven members appointed by the Mayor to include the Director (or designee) of DFHV; the Director (or designee) of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT); and nine community representatives who do not work for the District government. These members will be two District residents who operate public or private vehicles for-hire, two representatives of companies providing vehicle for-hire services in the District, two representatives of the hospitality or tourism industry in the District, and three District residents unaffiliated with the industry.

Visit DFHV.dc.gov/FHVAC to review transcripts of all meetings from 2017 to present.
Vision Zero

"Vision Zero is not just my goal in this city and in this region. We are all a part of this movement. We all play a role in curing this threat to public health."

The above quote from Mayor Bowser is the foundation that drives the Vision Zero action plan to meet the objective that by the year 2024, Washington, DC, will reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of our transportation system through more effective use of data, education, enforcement, and engineering.

While infrastructure alone will not reduce all fatalities and serious injuries, analysis of data helps to identify specific locations that require new interventions or street redesign. Using a systematic data-driven process informs the process to prioritize interventions that could have the greatest potential to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries. Greater enforcement and education are warranted to protect our most vulnerable travelers.
Safety tips to adopt include the following:
  • Stay within the speed limit
  • Look for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly when making a turn
  • Don't block bike lanes or crosswalks
  • Don't text or talk on the phone while driving 
DC has busy streets that can be unpredictable. So always pay full attention to your surroundings while driving. 

Vision Zero
DC Microtransit

Mayor Bowser has agreed to expand the DC Microtransit pilot program to serve East of the River neighborhoods. Beginning on Monday, February 3, 2020, DFHV will extend the curb-to-curb, on-demand service to Wards 7 and 8 to offer residents additional transportation options. Other features include telephone and electronic hailing, and fares can be paid with cash or credit. 
DC Microtransit provides rides in an 8-person shuttle within a service zone bordered by Anacostia Park, Pennsylvania Avenue and Southern Avenue. Among the neighborhoods in this area are Congress Heights, Fairlawn, Skyland, Hillcrest, Naylor Gardens, Buena Vista and Washington Highlands.

"We are excited about the expansion of an innovative transportation option to better serve our residents to support their needs to get around the city," said DFHV Director David Do. "DC Microtransit has demonstrated that passengers find the program useful, but more importantly, it shows that DFHV is meeting its responsibility to offer safe, affordable, and accessible for-hire rides."

Visit DC Microtransit for more information and download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can also call for a ride by dialing (202) 398-0500.   

Budget Engagement Forums

2020 Budget Engagement Forums

The Mayor's annual Budget Engagement Forums are coming in February. The focus of these forums is on how we can work together as a community to share values, priorities, and ideas with the Bowser Administration as the Fiscal Year 2021 budget is produced. A particular emphasis will be placed on developing the types of housing our families and residents need in neighborhoods across the city.

Review the Budget Engagement Forums schedule below:
  • 12 noon - Monday, February 10 - Senior Budget Engagement Telephone Townhall - Call 202.442.8150 to RSVP
  • 6:30 pm - Tuesday, February 18 - Edgewood Recreation Center, 301 Franklin St, NE
  • 6:30 pm - Thursday, February 20 - UDC Student Center, 4200 Connecticut Ave, NW
  • 11:00 am - Saturday, February 22 - Kenilworth Recreation Center, 4321 Ord St, NE
RSVP to attend one of the forums and f or more information contact eomevents@dc.gov.

DFHV Complaints 

The DFHV Office of Consumer Complaints Team

A notable accomplishment during the past fiscal year was the enhanced options for the public to report complaints about all for-hire vehicle services (taxis & ride sharing operators). Complaints can now be submitted through "311" by phone and website, via twitter (@DFHV_Complaints), or, the OurStreets app (formerly How's My Driving). The increased accessibility to the complaint process, understandably, resulted in a 40% increase in the number of complaint submissions. Ultimately, 1,423 complaints were resolved in FY 2019. Congratulations to the DFHV Complaints Team!

The complaints process is broken down to four stages: acknowledgement, investigation, resolution, and close-out. The objective is to complete this process within 20 days. Visit DFHV.dc.gov/Complaints for more information.

DFHV team members Abdoul Niang and Khadija Fuller join Director Do to celebrate at the agency holiday party

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Leads MLK Day Parade 

Sunday, January 26 - The Lunar New Year Parade
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