August 2017
Director  Ernest Chrappah
A Record Year in the Making

Grant funding and pilot projects from the Department of For-Hire Vehicles has supported hundreds of taxicab drivers and companies combined. As Fiscal Year 2017 draws to a close, DFHV remains laser focused on issuing payments to grant recipients and developing a competitive grant program for Fiscal Year 2018 to address driver hardship concerns. 

One example of our commitment is the   $377,000 awarded in competitive grants during Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 to support the initiative to electrify the industry. Currently, 159 electric vehicles (EVs) are in service as taxis.

Stay tuned for more information about programs and incentives.  Also, stay tuned for National Drive Electric Week  from September 9 to 17. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating a selection of grants awarded, grantees, and projects identified below.
DFHV Grants and Innovative Pilots

The purpose of the DFHV competitive grant awards and innovative pilot programs is intended to provide incentives to adapt to the changes in the for-hire industry. Grant applicants could submit for grants toward the purchase of electric vehicles, specialized transportation services, driver training and wheelchair accessible vehicles. The funds were awarded competitively based on the applicant's ability to demonstrate the capacity to meet all proposed requirements.  Review grant funding opportunities

 EV Grant Recipient -  Mr. Tafese Kare

EV Grant Recipient - Mr. Anthony Dash
Transport DC

EV Grant Recipient - Randalph Holness

For-Hire Vehicle Innovations

Taxi Drivers Display Keys to Vehicles Obtained With the Help of DFHV Grants
The Digital Taxi Solution Transition
The transition to the Digital Taxi Solution (DTS) is fully underway. DFHV recently conducted a DTS Demonstration Workshop to assist operators in understanding DTS operations and options. Vehicle o wners are not required to use any particular approved DTS Provider and may choose freely from among the six approved DTS Providers. All are advised to carefully evaluate the prices and terms offered by the Providers to find the DTS that best fits their business needs.
Each approved DTS combines the Provider's choice of a digital meter app and a payment processor. Providers can select either the DFHV-meter app or another meter app with a payment processor willing to meet or beat the 2.75% target rate for processing fees.

DTS Demonstration Workshop

Taxi Operators at DTS Demostration Workshop

Resource Center
DFHV has created a Resource Center for ALL operators and and owners to provide direct support to navigate agency services, products, and special permits. You will receive one-on-one support with to assist with processing services, including online applications, website navigation, and grant and permit applications. The Resource Center is located at Client Services and is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.    
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain their current contact information on file which must include a current mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification.
Tell Us What You Think
Your feedback is critical for the Department of For-Hire Vehicles. The suggestions and observations received from those in the industry, related stakeholders and the general public offer useful insight that shapes policies, programs and regulations. We want to hear from you!   Give Feedback
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