Department of For-Hire Vehicles

October 2016
Acting Director
Ernest Chrappah
Town Hall Recap

The recent town hall provided the opportunity to share with for-hire industry stakeholders the agency mission and our vision for leveraging technology to reduce operating costs. Clearly, revenue for taxis is decreasing and the regulatory environment is uneven. As such, new initiatives such as digital meters, online self-service portals, and streamlining the licensing process will decrease the burden of regulations. By adopting these measures the cost to enter the business will go from almost $2,500 to under $300. DFHV is creating a pathway for those who want to become for-hire drivers. The experience for passengers will also be enhanced by making payment seamless and allowing for direct feedback about the ride. Our objective is to enable the for-hire industry to be responsive to public preferences and use technological advances to benefit consumers and operators .
Expanding Drivers Earning Potential
DFHV has partnered with to increase the opportunities for drivers to make more money. This same-day delivery service transports various items around the cityFeatures of the program include:
  • Earn up to $22/hour
  • Enjoy schedule flexibility
  • Be your own boss
Sign up now with Take advantage of your skill as a driver and knowledge of DC's streets to expand your earning potential.
DFHV H-Tag Certifcation
Online Applications for Surrendered H-Tags

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has created an online portal for drivers who surrendered their H-tags and would like to obtain a new one. The agency will begin processing applications as soon as the approved final regulations - Chapters 10 and 18 - are published in the DC Register. Drivers who have previously turned in their H-tags can apply online now. DFHV has seriously considered the situation and is confident this process will achieve resolution.
Public Hearing

A Public Hearing is scheduled for Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 2:00 pm. The hearing will be held in the second floor Hearing Room at DFHV, 2235 Shannon Place, SE. Regulations under consideration, policy proposals and other issues pertaining to the for-hire industry will be included on the agenda and discussed openly at this hearing.The pubic is invited to attend.    
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain their current contact information on file which must include a current mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification.
Tell Us What You Think
The Department of For-Hire Vehicles wants your feedback. The opinions and insight we receive from the industry, related stakeholders and the general public gives us useful input that shapes policies, programs and regulations. We want to hear from you!   Give Feedback
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