Department of For-Hire Vehicles

July 2016
Acting Director
Ernest Chrappah
New Name. 
Expanded Responsibilities.

The newly reorganized Department of For-Hire Vehicles is now aligned with our mission to  regulate the vehicle-for-hire industry to allow the citizens and visitors of the District of Columbia to have safe, affordable and accessible transportation. Our duties include regulating taxis, limousines, private vehicle operators, digital dispatch services, Payment Service Providers; and managing the relationships with equipment manufacturers and insurance companies. The agency is restructured to : Office of the Director; Compliance & Enforcement; Regulatory Policy & Planning; Client Services; and  Hearings &  Conflict Resolution. The For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council will advise the agency on the industry.    
Five New Taxi Stands

All DC taxicab drivers should be aware of the expansion of the number of Taxi Stand areas that can be used for shared riding. The new stands offer the public the additional option to choose to pool their rides for viable transportation. The new Taxi Stands have been established at the following locations:
  • Eastern Market; the 400 Block of 7th Street, SE, East Side
  • Benning Road; the 100 Block of 45th Street, NE, East Side
  • Minnesota Ave; the 4000 Block, NE, North Side;
  • Potomac Ave; the 1400 Block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE, North Side
  • Stadium Armory; the 1800 Block of East Capitol Street, NE, North Side
Electric Taxis

Over $190,000 has been awarded in competitive grants to taxicab operators as incentives to purchase 100% electric vehicles (EVs). These electric taxis will be the first of their kind in the District and further the efforts to be environmentally friendly and enhance the customer experience. EVs have lower fuel and maitenance costs, and give passengers a quieter and smoother ride.  The vehicles acquired through these grants will include a distinctive design to highlight that they are electric taxis. Also, the acquisition of a 100% electric vehicle is one of the pathways to obtain a new H-tag. The grants are a win-win for passengers and drivers. The grants are a win-win as passengers ride in a car with zero emissions while drivers get financial incentives to run their own business. More information about grant opportunities is available at

Electric Taxis: DC Rides Green
Contact Information
All owners and operators licensed by or registered with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles are required to maintain current contact information on file which must include a mailing address, phone number and email address. Client Services will not conduct a transaction without verification. 
Tell Us What You Think
The Department of For-Hire Vehicles wants your feedback. The opinions and insight we receive from the industry, related stakeholders and the general public gives us useful input that shapes policies, programs and regulations. We want to hear from you!   Give Feedback
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