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With all the news around COVID-19, you are likely busy planning your organization’s response to best serve and protect the health of your customers and employees. If you find yourself wondering how your drug-free workplace policy and program plays a role in and/or would be impacted by your plans (e.g., remote working, program administration) don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you creatively think through the details. 
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Make Sure Your Drug-Free Policy Is Current with These Questions

How useful is a policy when it’s just sitting on a shelf? Or if it’s outdated or simply not followed? Not very. Your drug-free workplace policy shouldn’t just take up space in an office (or on your computer). Instead, it’s meant to be a road map to guide any decisions you make regarding any company or employee-related alcohol or other drug (AOD) issue.

It’s up to you to confirm you are adhering to your policy, but here’s a list of questions to guide your policy review to make sure it’s working for your organization and covering the necessary details.

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Safety Congress Was Canceled ... But You Can Still Learn About Current Drug Trends Impacting the Workplace
Just because Safety Congress was canceled doesn't mean you should miss out.

That's why we're giving you access to a recording of the presentation we would have given if everything had gone as planned.

New Drug Trends Threatening the Workforce and Workplaces

Learn what’s happening NOW to better protect your workforce, business operations and bottom line against the impact of drug misuse.

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Sorting Out the Confusion Around CBD
Marijuana, hemp, CBD, THC ... confused? You're not alone.

Our new OnDemand 24/7 course: Sorting Out the Confusion Around CBD can help give you and your employees clarity on this topic.

This 22-minute course, created for businesses and employees nationwide, will arm viewers with a baseline understanding of CBD from which to discuss its impact on employees and their jobs as well as to approach any policy and operational changes (as needed).

¿Habla Español?

On-going employee education about alcohol and other drug issues is important.

To help you provide information to Spanish-speaking employees in their native language, we have compiled a library of Spanish articles and resources on topics about alcohol and other drugs including information on prevention, misuse and treatment.

(we also included English versions of the resources)