Dallas/Ft. Worth Pug Rescue Pug Bulletin - June 2015
Out of Bondage and Beyond

These familiar, wide-eyed, elfin faces, all creased and crinkled, are the faces of innocence. Recently freed by DFWPR with the assistance of K9 Mill Rescue from the bondage of life as breeding dogs, these sweet souls are the luckier ones. Brought swiftly to our vet for immediate evaluation, one by one, they were bathed, spayed and neutered, and vaccinated. Although one of the 20 pugs had to be humanely euthanized, the remaining 19 are now struggling for their own lives, with prompt medical attention for them being our primary concern. Click here to learn more or donate below.

Donate here, today

Donate here, today
Summertime Fostering

Ah, summer time. Fun time filled with vacations, swimming, and cooking out. What else happens during the hot summer months? Does pug rescue come to mind? This is the busiest time of the year for pug rescue! Dogs are abandoned and left to fend for themselves or are surrendered to shelters. DFW Pug Rescue's goal is to save all pugs regardless of age or medical condition. In order to make sure that every rescue pug can be taken care of until their permanent home is located, foster homes are needed. Please consider becoming a foster home volunteer and help rescue these little angels. All veterinary care is paid by DFW Pug Rescue. Visit our website and fill out a volunteer application - our pugs will love you for opening up your home and heart.

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