"Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope"
The theme of National Women's Month, 2022
DFWCITIWomen invites you to join us as we embrace National Women's Month. Now, more than ever, women continue to emerge and are at the forefront as leaders in the healing arts and dealing HOPE out to all Americans as we continue to navigate these challenging times. Your continued support of our mission is vital to keep generations of women afforded equal opportunities to lead and heal others through education and experience.

In line with the theme of this year's "Women, Providing Healing, Promoting Hope" we share with you the story of an often overlooked woman of color in history who did JUST those things, Henrietta Lacks, whose cells for fighting cervical cancer due to her diagnosis and ultimately her death and was at the forefront of that critical research that goes on TODAY as well as the forefront of research for the Polio vaccine. Oprah Winfrey portrays Ms. Lacks in Hulu's "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks."

Henrietta Lacks’ legacy is eternal. Born in Virginia in 1920, Lacks worked as a tobacco farmer for most of her life until she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Without her knowledge or consent, a sample of her cancer cells was taken by a doctor. Researchers who studied this sample found that her cells kept reproducing, ultimately making them immortal. Lacks died in 1951, but to this day her cells – known as “HeLa” cells – continue to be studied around the world. Her cells have led to major scientific discoveries regarding the growth of cancer cells and the effects of drugs on the human body. Her cells have also contributed to the development of the polio vaccine. Lacks’ story has brought into question the ethics of patient privacy and has exposed the mistreatment of people of color in healthcare.
TXCCDN salute Ronni Cabera, Brenda Kirk, Chassidy Olainu-Alade, Tina Schuler and Coyletta Govan for all they do to serve at home, at work, and in community. Neighborhoods, communities, states, our country, and our world are better because of the time, energy, and love each of you pour into the work you do.
This month and every day we honor you!

Women around the world spreading hope and healing! Polish mothers leave strollers for ukrainian mothers at the train station so that they may have makes-shift beds and safe transport of their children.
Regenia Crane
Regenia Crane has held many titles in her seasons of life. Some of these include Wife, Mother, Mrs., First Lady, and Principal. As she enters into a new season of life, after 29 years as an Educator, DFWCitWomen, would like to spotlight and celebrate her story by sharing just a small bit of her journey with all of you.
As a little girl, Regenia loved to play "school." She recalls it was her favorite thing to play and she would assume the role of teacher. We will circle back to that in a bit!
Lady Crane's adult life led her to earn her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from The University of North Texas and Her Masters of Art from Amberton University. She had begun thinking about a career in business administration of some kind. She was then married and blessed with her son, whom she chose to stay home with during his early, formative years. When her son was old enough for her to begin to explore some career options outside of the home, there was a great need and calling for substitute teachers in her area. (hmmmmm.... teachers!) She began then and there working as a substitute teacher and one thing led to another until this passion for teaching, and her true purpose and calling was unveiled and fulfilled, What a GIFT! She began this career and rose to the ranks of Principal, for which she has been for the past 9 years, of the Phoenix Academy in Mansfield, Texas. Her passion for students and teaching will live on forever as her legacy, in the very name of this school. When she started there, this was an "Alternative School" for "At-Risk Youth." Well, this was not to be, and Principal Crane lobbied to have the name and concept changed within one year to "The Phoenix Academy" for "At Promise Youth."
Is this where the story ends for Lady/Mrs/Principal Crane? Not hardly!!!
As she transitions into the next season in life her focus will be on Engaging women and our common struggles, bringing women together, and continuing to lift one another up and walk on our journeys together through: Regenia Crane Ministries, and her weekly Zoom interactive platform, Sisterhood Gone Live.

When asked for one piece of advice for women today, Lady Crane blessed us with the following:
"Know your purpose and whom God has created you to be. "Make more than tracks, make imprints in the lives of others."

For more information about Regenia Crane Ministries, Sisterhood Gone Live, Mentoring/Life Coaching or to book for speaking events, call Regenia Crane Ministries at 817-992-7248
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Due to COVID-19, we have not had any Activities since December. However, we will be closing out our year at the Network Luncheon. We invite you to join us and hear the vision for the upcoming year.

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Cherrie Mackey Memorial
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This scholarship commemorates the lifetime mission and ministry of “Cherrie Mackey”. Cherrie is fondly remembered for her enormous contribution of administrative excellence to DFWCITIWomen and her mission to support women with “Clearly She Has Issues” ministry and peer support group Cherrie believed a higher education would certainly relieve the underserved population of some of its “issues” through a financial contribution. She was an advocate for the pursuit of higher-level academic achievement. In appreciation of Cherrie’s contributions to DFWCITIWomen and the impact she made on countless lives, we are proud to present the “Cherrie Mackey Memorial Scholarship”. For more information or to apply


You are invited to join DFWCITIWomen ministry partners in sowing seeds in service in Cameroon, Africa. We have partnered with ImpactHer, by Grace Ministries and will travel to Cameroon in June of 2022 to share the gospel, support local schools with supplies, donate towels and food to the orphanages.
Your generous support will help women and children in Cameroon experience the passion of Christ. We pray you'll sow a seed for service.

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The support of volunteers, donors, community partners, and peers has been paramount to Vita Nova's success. Join us as we launch our Monarch Immersion Program, honor past residents, and celebrate the journey of recovery. Together, let's continue to impact women's lives! Click here to RSVP and see the e-vite

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