February 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to the February edition of our Online Newsletter. We hope to communicate with you monthly on our latest projects in data, research, quality, workforce and public health.
Look below for the latest projects we are working on to
strengthen the health and safety of our community.
Chief Picciotto
Luncheon Keynote Speaker
Chief Picciotto will serve as the keynote speaker at the 23rd Annual Employee of the Year Luncheon on April 25. He will recount his service during the 9/11 NY terrorist attacks when he was trapped as the North Tower collapsed.

National Expert
Patient & Family Engagement
Tanya Lord, PhD, of the Foundation for Healthy Communities, visited the DFWHC offices on February 19 to speak with hospital representatives about the creation of a Patient & Family Engagement Council.

ONE Million Decrease!
Hospital-acquired conditions
New data released on January 29 by the AHRQ and CMS show reductions in hospital-acquired conditions helped prevent 20,500 hospital deaths and saved $7.7 billion in healthcare costs from 2014 to 2017.

Driving community action
The Foundation has partnered with Community Council of Greater Dallas, Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation and UT Dallas to launch the new web-based information center "Dallas Community Data for Action."

The DFWHC Foundation Mission is to serve as a catalyst
for continual improvement in public health and healthcare
delivery through education, research, communication,
collaboration and coordination.
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