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June 2016
Rotary Fellowship Month


Rotary District 5010 Alaska-Yukon 2015-16 Governor  Brad Gamble passed the gavel to our next Rotary District Governor  2016-17  Michelle Morrow O'Brien which seemed to set off an earthquake in Talkeetna at the District Conference.

On July 1, 2016 Michelle Morrow O'Brien from the Rotary Club of Ketchikan First CIty will officially become the new Rotary District Governor!

John Germ will become our new Rotary International President.

             District Governor's Message
Greetings Fellow Rotarians,

As this Rotary year draws to a close and I look back on these past 12 months, I can only think "Wow,   what a ride!" I am so proud to have been chosen to lead District 5010 this year, and Tonya and I are  both much richer for having had this opportunity.

On the home front, we've seen growth in membership that we haven't seen in years. Thank you to our  membership teams for keeping he focus strong on that effort. Our members' generous support of The  Rotary Foundation and its programs continues to keep our projects moving. Thank you.  But, what's been most inspiring to me is seeing, up close, what each of our clubs and amazing Rotarians  do each and every day to make things better where we live. From installing mini-libraries on  neighborhood street corners in local communities to constructing homes in Malawi, Africa, to continuing  the fight to eradicate Polio, the selfless dedication to improving lives everywhere just proves that we are  a gift to the world! No act of service, no act of kindness occurs without having an impact. So remember  the words of the Dalai Lama, "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a  mosquito."

I look forward to continuing to serve our clubs and district in whatever capacity I can as we move  forward, and I congratulate and welcome incoming District Governor Michelle as she begins her year of  leading us to new heights.

Thank you all for you service.


DG Brad Gamble
Michelle O'Brien DGE... to take the District Reins July 1, 2016
From Michelle:
Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner.  2016-2017 is a historic year for Rotary. It is not only the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, but also the 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary.  Not only that, but there is a very real chance that polio just might be eradicated.   

The sixth president of Rotary International, Arch C. Klumph, once said: "No one can tell us what Rotary will be tomorrow, but one thing is certain: What Rotary will be tomorrow depends upon what we Rotarians do today."  

We are embarking upon what might be Rotary's most monumental year ever.  The 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, the 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary, and the possible end of Polio as we know it.

Dave and I are so honored to serve you, our fellow Rotarians and your families during this year of "Rotary Serving Humanity."  I think this is a perfect theme for what we, as Rotarians, do every day in our communities and our world.  From youth, to local service projects, to global issues--we make a difference.  And each and every person in Rotary is a huge part of that.  We should all be proud.

However, we cannot rest on our celebrations this year.  In order to be truly monumental, we all need to think about what Rotary will be tomorrow, and what it means today in the hearts of not only Rotarians, but in our communities. A big part of that is the Rotary Foundation.  For example, if each person in our District gave the original Rotary Foundation donation of $26.50, that would be monumental! I personally will be donating $26.50 at each club visit this year.

So, I ask you this about our new year: Will it be surprising?  Will it be exciting?  Will it resonate with our communities?  Will it inspire our members to take action?  Think about that.  We can definitely make it happen. Our D5010 All Star Team of President Elects are amazing, and have been working hard.  We should see great things.

Having grown up in Rotary, I believe in my heart of hearts, that Rotary is a family affair.  It's a community affair.  I encourage you to embrace the exciting.  Make your club meetings something that no one expected--especially guests.  Dream up projects and social events that are unexpected. This is what engages your members.  Surprise your community members with the idea that Rotary is welcoming, and most of all, make Rotary relevant--so much so, that folks are intrigued with your Rotary Club and are inspired to join.  

Maybe they cannot join, then we have something for those folks, too.  It's called Rotary Community Corps.  A legion of citizens who partner with Rotary to serve humanity and our communities. Maybe folks could participate by being a Rotary Youth Exchange host family? There are a million ways to engage our community, and we should be taking advantage of them all.

We have exciting times ahead of us!  As we rapidly move towards the upcoming year, I ask you to think outside the box on how Rotary can become the most relevant organization in the history of Alaska and the Yukon. Knowing you all as Rotarians?  It shouldn't be too hard.

Again, Dave and I are looking forward to visiting with each and every one of you. You inspire us every day.

Be Extraordinary,

Want Ads!!!
What do we want? We want you and your ideas. For example, how many of you know about how the District is structured or what District positions there are. Or how you could get a District position that is an area you might be interested in. The Want Ads section we may be able to offer some information. We hope to be able to publish District jobs or projects that are either vacant or forecast to be vacant. The ad would include what the position is and what it entails. Also we would list time frames and desirable qualifications. There are a lot of cool District positions that could stimulate your Rotary passion. Jobs where you can really make a difference. But it doesn't have to be just job openings.

See below:
Want Ad: 
Harry Kieling, District Governor 2017-2018.

Another thing:
Showboat your awesome club on a poster: Email our famous Poster maker: Wayne Clark (Fairbanks) wayne@graphicnorth.com
District 5010 Awards
2015-2016 District 5010 Awards and Recipients

RI Service Above Self - Peggy Pollen

District Governor Brad Gamble,PDG Peggy Pollen, and RI President's Representative Laura Steelquist of Hawaii

RI Significant Achievement Award - Wasilla Sunrise Club (No More Mat-Su Domestic Violence Project)

RI Presidential Citation
Gold (7 out of 7 requirements):
Anchorage East
Eagle River Area
Juneau-Glacier Valley
Wasilla Noon

Silver (6 out of 7 requirements):
Wasilla Sunrise

Bronze (5 out of 7 requirements):
Anchorage Hillside
Homer-Katchemak Bay
Ketchikan First City

RI Presidential Citation of Interact Clubs
Eagle River Interact (sponsored by Eagle River)
KAYHI Interact (sponsored by Ketchikan First City)
Kenai River (sponsored by Soldotna)
Schoenbar (sponsored by Ketchikan 2000)
Thunder Mountain (sponsored by Juneau-Glacier Valley)
Juneau Douglas (sponsored by Juneau-Gastineau)
Colony (sponsored by Wasilla Sunrise/Palmer)

Gift to the World Award
Michelle Overstreet - Wasilla Noon
Carolyn Jones - Anchorage East
Clark Davis - Rotary 2000 of Ketchikan
Wayne Clark - Fairbanks
Stacie Stigar - Palmer
Jim Dahl - Ketchikan First City
Jack Timm - Susitna
Julie Isom - Rotary eClub of District 5010, Alaska-Yukon
Candy Behrends - Juneau-Gasitneau
Jeff Budd - Sitka

Service Project Awards
Best Hands On Project - Ketchikan First City (Ward Lake)

Longest On-Going Service Project - Sitka (Kids Fishing Day)

Most Effective Collaborative Award - Juneau Tri-Rotary Clubs (Riverbend Elementary)

Most Effective Community Partnership Award - Anchorage East (Covenant House)

Most Effective International Project - Fairbanks (Belize School Sanitation)

Most Effective Youth Project - Kenai (Soap Box Derby)

Most Impactful Literacy Project - Rendezvous Club of Whitehorse (Imagination Library)

Most Impactful Polio Plus Project - Tri-Juneau Rotary Clubs (Rotary Radio Day and Polio


Membership Development Highest Net New Growth - Seward Rotary Club

Highest per Capita Number of Club Attendees at District Conference
Susitna Rotary Club
Rotary eClub of District 5010, Alaska-Yukon
Diane Fejes named as DG for 2018-19
Future District 5010 Governor  Diane Fejes (Also the Leadership Academy Dean)  

The 2016-17 application is available at the District Conference and is currently on the District Website. 
" Our ongoing goal is to have every club have an applicant at least every other year and groups of members working together are welcome."

Thank you too, to all the faculty - Harriett Schloer, Dan Kennedy and Ariel Talen-Keller, Rosie Roppel, Susan Bethel, Jodi Stuart, and Sondra Kaplan and Will Files. 

Diane Fejes, Academy Dean

2015-16 District 5010 Leadership Academy Graduates, faculty, Dean, and RI Representative Laura Steelquist

Anchorage...Young Professionals Recruitment a great success
Submitted by Harry Kieling
Recipe For Success

Membership Recruiting and Interclub Fellowship

We Rotarians in District 5010, as most members of Rotary, have been concerned about membership recruitment. The membership has been steadily decreasing in many areas of the  world. There have been a few rays of sunshine recently. One is our District numbers which have  shown more than a 5% increase in membership. Another bright exception has been one of our  clubs, Seward. They accomplished an amazing and enviable feat this past year by planning and  executing a thoughtful and successful membership drive. Seward is a small club with a big heart  and some motivated members. One of the lessons I learned from their experience was they  specifically targeted individuals in their community; spent time developing this contact list and  sent individual invitations to a social event to these prospective members. And they followed  up. This refined contact list, the personal invitations, and the relentless follow up were key  elements that led to their success.

As the immediate past District Membership chair I also tried to organize a social event for Rotarians in  the Anchorage area. However it much less successful. What was the difference? We had a location, we  had a time and place and we extended an open invitation to Rotarians and Young Professionals. At best  we had a dozen people show up including Rotarians. What we did not have:

1. Was an organized and accurate contact list

2. A way to show off our individual clubs

3. And a dedicated District team to organize and execute a plan.
In retrospect, the whole effort was a success. The significant accomplishments were these:

 The banners were very effective and well worth the time and effort that went into them. The were so successful that it is recommended that they be updated at least annually and displayed anywhere the clubs have an activity.

 Compilation of the master contact list was effective and will form the basis of near and long term recruitment efforts. Subsequent actions were taken to insure their currency and tracking of a prospect's journey to membership

 One of the unexpected benefits was the tremendous district level team work and comradery of all Rotarians from many different clubs. It was felt by many that a social event like this was a bonding effort with long term payoff. Almost all of the clubs were represented and somewhere around three to four dozen Rotarians participated.

 The total success of the recruiting effort is yet to be seen. While it was hoped that more prospects would show up, the ones who did were quite interested. Some of the factors that may have played into the less than expected number were the warm sunny afternoon and two other events which conflicted. It is estimated that 12-15 prospects came and 9 were either interested in joining right away or considering it in the fall. We are following up on those and have already identified six who want to join and one application already submitted.

 One of the intangibles is that it was agreed by RYT that the cumulative success of the event will be advertised by those who were there (a snowball effect). Thus we would like to have another in the fall. It was felt by all the word will likely get out and we will be able to attract even more prospects who will have heard about the value of this May 19 th event. My estimate is we will recruit 6-8 within the next month to 6 weeks and a further dozen or more in the fall.

 It is therefore recommended that using the lessons (successes and otherwise) be applied to a similar event for the October time frame. The time should be 5:00-6:30; the wine leftover will be sufficient and a total budget of $500 should be able to be achieved ($200 cheese and crackers and veggies + $300 for bartender).

 Again the unforeseen value of the inter club fellowship was of tremendous value in addition to the new member recruitment.

 We will continue to track those prospects who have expressed an interest.

 It was a very rewarding experience to work with all of the motivated and dedicated Rotary Young Tigers.

 District 5010 is going to set new records in membership, individual club strength and inter club cooperation.

 It just takes a few Tigers!

District 5010 Leadership Academy Graduates 2015-16

Andre Layal - Membership Chair

I invite club presidents, and membership chairs in particular, to share what your club is doing in the above areas, and to suggest ways the district Membership Committee can support and strengthen clubs in the above goals areas.

Best wishes, have a great Spring.

D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
Andre' Layral
D5010 Membership Chair
cell 907-460-7786
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has approved the D5010 District Grants for the 2016-2017 Rotary Year. START YOUR ENGINES!!! Clubs may begin to implement their District Grant projects using their own funds. The D5010 matching funds (DDF) will be available after  July 1 , and AFTER all prior Final Reports are submitted, and AFTER modifications of the grants have been made to reflect allocations approved by the District Grants Committee, and the grants are signed by appropriate officers and primary contacts.

Attached is the list of allocations. Ctc Denise Ringhand for questions:  ringhanddenise@gmail.com

Credit Cards :   Online  via  www.rotary.org- must be authorized on or prior to Thursday 30 June 2016, midnight (Central Standard Time)
Note:   Sending credit card information by mail is less secure and slower than contributing on-line.  For security purposes, please do not send credit card contributions electronically, rather fax them to 847-328-5260
   Fax: (+1-847-328-5260)-must be received by Thursday 30 June 2016
   Phone: (+1-866-976-8279) - must be received prior to the close of business on Thursday 30 June 2016
Checks* must be postmarked Thursday 30 June 2016 or prior and received at the Foundation by Wednesday 6 July 2016
United States
The Rotary Foundation
14280 Collections Center Dr.
Chicago, IL 60693
The Rotary Foundation (Canada)
c/o 911600
PO Box 4090 STN A
Toronto, ON M5W 0E9
*Please do NOT send in checks for the 2016-17 Rotary year until Friday 1 July 2016.
Wire transfers :  must be initiated prior to Thursday 30 June 2016 and received by Tuesday 5 July 2016
Securities:  must be received prior to Thursday 30 June 2016 
Learn how you can donate stocks, mutual funds, or other securities.
Special gifts : to obtain instructions for Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts email  plannedgiving@rotary.org or call +1-847-866-3100

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year!!!)
The Rotary Foundation is KEY!!!   
One of the great ways we do good for the world!!!  
Become a Paul Harris Fellow and more!!!


District 5010 hosted the 22st annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in The Golden Heart City, Fairbanks, Alaska, Pikes... April 14th  - 17th, 2016.
RYLA is a program for teens that are high school sophomores and juniors/in grade 10 and 11.
RYLA Alumni and Rebound Rotary Exchange students (on a space available basis) are also welcome to apply. There is no cost to youth who are selected, as the local Rotary Club pays for the RYLA participants.
RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship and personal growth, as participants learn about their own qualities/skills as a leader and the qualities of effective leaders and effective teams. The RYLA program consists of a combination of icebreaker, team building, and experiential problem solving activities as well as group discussions and personal reflection. Participants are introduced to practical leadership topics and issues; presentations from Rotary and community leaders. Opportunities are provided to allow RYLA participants to apply their emerging leadership skills in a variety of challenging activities. We also want the RYLA experience to be memorable with other activities including a barbecue, recreational activities.

The event is co-planned by both RYLA Alumni and Rotarians. RYLA Alumni make sure that the program is fun and relevant to their peers. Alumni have innovative ideas that make sure the days are as interactive as possible and that the adults do not talk for too long. They serve as Alumni Leaders and Facilitators at the event - an opportunity some of the 2016 RYLA participants will have in 2017. We believe that the large number of teens that want to return as RYLA Alumni is an excellent indicator that the program holds the right balance of fun and skill building.
For information about RYLA, check out our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs under Downloads.  If you have any additional questions, contact one of the Rotarians below.
Thank you for supporting RYLA!
Marcus Mueller, District 5010 RYLA Chair, (907) 398-1122  mmueller@borough.kenai.ak.us
- See more at: http://rotarydistrict5010.org/SitePage/rotary-youth-leadership-awards-ryla-2016#sthash.lv8MqNUk.dpuf

Steve Heckman

Shelter Box - Tim Bridgeman Trek for Shelter Box
Tim Bridgman in British Columbia, June 2016
Tim and Sharon at the start of their journey in Nordkapp_ Norway June 2012

On June 4, 2012 Sharon and Tim Bridgman set off from the North Cape of Norway to cycle unsupported and self-funded around the world. The husband and wife team from Devon, England were riding to raise awareness and support of ShelterBox, hoping to raise roughly $18,000 for their favorite nonprofit. They rode through Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and East Africa to Capetown in South Africa, passing through 23 countries and covering 15,939 miles. They then headed to Ushuaia in the Southern tip of Argentina and rode north passing between Chile and Argentina before reaching Bolivia which at this point covered just under 21,000 miles, climbing over 284,000 meters through 26 countries.

On April 26, 2014 in a remote area in south west Bolivia, Sharon was hit by a 4x4 and was killed instantly. Having such a love for life and everyone she met Tim was devastated at the loss of his wife and best friend. Having the desire to continue to help a charity as important as ShelterBox became even more important with so many losing the ones closest to them in an instant from natural disaster and civil unrest.
Tim Bridgman in British Columbia, June 2016

Now, two years after the passing of Sharon, Tim is on his way to finish in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. He is in the final few weeks of this amazing trek around the globe. Since entering the U.S., he has met numerous ShelterBox volunteers and Rotarians in California, Oregon, Washington and now in British Columbia. He has cycled through 39 countries, covered nearly 33,000 miles, climbed 500 km(100 km higher than the International Space Station), and been an inspiration to countless people along the way with his story of hope, loss, courage, and fortitude.

Tim describes this as a 'personal journey' that he feels compelled to complete. "I need to do it to move on. Friends and family have been so supportive since Sharon died. The accident reminds you that you can lose all that in an instant. Mentally I needed to go back and finish what we started. After Sharon's death I went back to home and wasn't prepared to be back there without her. I had left my bike in Bolivia because I knew that I would be back. I took several months off because it was the rainy season in Bolivia and would not have been able to cross the salt flats. In February 2015 I went back to the Andes to train and get back in shape. From there I went back to Bolivia, to the place where Sharon was killed. I brought with me a box of letters from so many people who wrote to me and to Sharon, from people who heard about her death. I buried the box of letters there and from there I started my journey again."

Tim is 42 years old, a carpenter by trade.

When asked what was it about ShelterBox that motivated he and Sharon to dedicate years of their lives to raise awareness and donations for, Tim said, "What compelled us around ShelterBox was that it didn't matter who you were, where you came from-the organization helps people who have lost everything in an instant. ShelterBox is amazing in how it uses the goodwill of people to fulfill the mission. So many charities waste money and resources, and you never really know where the donations are going. But with ShelterBox, you see so many people around the world who have lost everything in crisis, benefitting from the work of the organization. People go through life and when disaster happens in an entire area there is no one to turn to. ShelterBox gives help and hope often when governments and armies aren't able to. ShelterBox gives people dignity and basic supplies, providing a stepping stone to the rebuilding process."
Nancy Dodge, member of eClub District 5010 and ShleterBox ambassador to Alaska, will be helping Tim on his way from Tok to Prudhoe. "My concern is getting Tim a permit to ride beside the shuttle bus through the oilfields. This area is under high security and not open to the general public. I would very much like to fly into Deadhorse to put up the ShelterBox tent to celebrate the end of this incredible journey and then accompany him on the shuttle so that he can finish at the Arctic Ocean."
Dr. Dodge feels that the worst case senerio would be that she flys up by herself, gets help to set up the tent and then she and Tim take the shuttle to the Arctic Ocean with his bike for a photo op.

SUPER SECRET PLANS from Michelle O'Brien
Awesome Team of PE's,

This year is a historic one for Rotary. It is not only the 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation, but it is also the 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary. Furthermore, our team in Sitka, who will be hosting our District 5010 Conference will be celebrating the150th Anniversary of Sitka, Alaska.

This is OUR time to really bring Rotary to the forefront more than ever before all over Alaska and the Yukon Territory. There are so many exciting opportunities for us during our year and beyond...and have a terrific and fun time! After all, Rotary should be about fun, right?

Below, I have listed some goals that I would like for our team to achieve. They are lofty. I have also attached the Presidential Citation guidelines so that you know where I am coming from. However, this is a team effort, and I would love to hear your feedback.

I have asked PDG Gayle Knepper to set up a discussion site at Base Camp for our team. My hope is that we can have some meaningful conversation between now and PETS, and finalize our goals as the D5010 Team at that time.

Every Club

● Enter ALL goals into Rotary Club Central, and update them quarterly
● Pay dues on time
● Have at least 50% of club members signed up in My Rotary

Membership and Retention
● A net gain of 5% members for the District
● Each club implements a process in which members that are leaving, moving, etc. are given a letter of introduction to their new clubs in the area, an invitation to join the 5010

EClub, and their member number.
● Each club continues or implements a Red to Blue Program or similar for New Members,
● Maintain a 90% retention rate average District wide
● Each club should induct 10% of their new members below the age of 45.
● Each club should induct at least two "specialty" members, i.e. Retirees, under-represented groups, etc.

Club Meetings
● Encourage members to attend at least one EClub meeting
● 50% of clubs offer a new option for flexible membership of the club's choice, i.e. coffee only, corporate membership, partner membership, etc.
● Hold a minimum of two club assemblies, and preferrably four, to engage members Club and District Leadership Development
● 75% of clubs identify at least 3 club members to shadow Club Board Members for future Leadership possibilities
● Each club identify one member, based on talent alone, to shadow or serve as a District Committee Member. 

Foundation Giving
● A minimum donation of $26.50 per member to the Foundation, AND/OR $536 per club. 
● For larger clubs, a $100 per capita giving goal
● Overall goal, to exceed our District's Foundation giving by 5%
● A special eye, and special recognition will be given to Rotarians who sign up for Rotary Direct monthly giving direct debit.
● 50% of the clubs garner one new Benefactor or Bequest Society member. Online Participation Head of Mentoring Margaret Custer, Jeff Seifert
● See above, but 50% increase of Club Members signed up with a Rotary Club Central Profile that is active and visible
● One club from each region name a person who will contribute to the social media
 activities of 5010.
● Every club post a showcase project in Rotary Club Central.

In Person Participation
● Have at least 20% of your club attend the District Conference in Sitka
● Have at least 2 members per club average District-wide, attend the Atlanta International Convention

Humanitarian Service
● Every club should have at least one person participate in the Grants Management Seminar.
● All clubs enter and report their grants information in a timely manner.
● Create three new Rotary Community Corps in areas in District 5010
● Every club eligible, based on donations to the Annual Fund, for a District Matching or Global grant.

Youth Service
● 60% of clubs participating in Youth Exchange, directly or by co-sponsoring
● 75% of clubs participating in RYLA
● The creation of 2 new Interact or Rotaract Clubs District-wide
● Mentor a RYLA kid for the year (alumni or chosen attendee)
● Include a youth member as a non-voting member of your Board of Directors (this fulfills the mentorship need) or implement some other form of directly mentoring Rotaract/Interact members.

Public Image
● Have an active social media account using the correct brands from Rotary Club Central
● Involve the local media in at least one event during the year
● Engage at least one local corporate or government partner in a Rotary event
● Provide at least two submissions annually for the District Newsletter
● Host an event to inform the community about the Rotary Foundation Centennial
● Offer the District newsletter in printed version at your club meetings

Each club shall receive Paul Harris points when acheiving a goal. The suggested amount has been 100 Paul Harris points per accomplishment.
Article Headline
RI and District 5010 initiative "Rotary Community Corps"
Rotary International  adapted the Rotary Community Corp program(RCC)  in 1988 following its introduction in 1985.  The program as envisioned is a program that will allow Rotary and Rotarians to work with community members on service projects to improve their local community.

RI understands  there are a lot of opportunities for service. The majority of service projects  are preformed by people who are not Rotarians.  It is safe to say that there is a culture of helping and this culture does offer Rotary an avenue of service outside the traditional club organization by engaging people in communities who recognize needs and are trying to address them.

In a nutshell the RCC program can provide a vehicle for  citizen groups to access Rotary member expertise and grants outside of the formal Rotary Club structure.   Rotary describes the program as "a team of non-Rotarians who are flexible partners in service for Rotary"
The RCC is a priority program for RI and DGE Michelle has listed it as one of her top priorities for her Rotary year (2016-2017).  This initiative offers District 5010 a tool to serve our communities by leveraging  Rotary's human and financial capital.

For me this program offers and opportunity to expand "Rotary Service" and I hope you will consider its potential service opportunities  for your club.
We all are aware of some of the major initiatives of RI, Youth Exchange, Foundation, RYLA, Polio , and we all are aware of what our individual clubs do.  This can be a new arrow in your quiver of service.

I would like to ask you as Club and District leaders four  things
1) Review the program.   Go to
2)Introduce RCC to your membership.   Bring the program up to Club through the Board or during  Club Meetings.
3) Consider scheduling a presentation on the initiative during one of your Club Meetings   You or a club member can do this or if you would like I can try to coordinate a   presentation at your club.   When you visit the RI web review all of the material available including the Power Point Presentation.
4) Let me know of your club's interest or if there are members who might be interested  helping to  develop the program in our District

I am including my contact information.
In Rotary Service I thank you for your consideration.

Greg Wakefield    
747 E. Ship Creek Ave.
Anchorage, AK  99501
Phone:  907-276-3506  Direct Line  907-865-3700
                Mobile   907-223-8079

Anchorage Interact Helps Homeless
Posted by Tam Agosti-Gisler 
Ambika Kafle, an East High Interact Club member,  was pleased to see a homeless man carrying one of the plastic mats as he walked down the streets of Anchorage.  Making these mats from recycled shopping bags was a year-long service project for the club, assisted by Anchorage East Rotarians.  The mats were presented to the Downtown Soup Kitchen for distribution last month.
Submitted by Paul McGuire

Youth Exchange 
2016-17 Outbounds ready to go!

Inbounds on West Coast Tour

Nina all decked out ready to go back to France as a Great Ambassador to the World...Great job, Nina!!!  Soon to be a REBOUND!
Rotary Strategic Plan
You can download the 2016-19 plan, priorities and action steps here:  http://goo.gl/xmQyrr  
(D5010 website, Documents link). 

 We ask if you take a few minutes to review it and also listen to a video presentation about the plan by the governor team (about 17 minutes):

Ketchikan Middle School Interacter of Rotary 2000 received recognition 
by the Governor of Alaska
Tessa Salazar with First Lady Donna Walker, mother Angela Salazar, Tessa, father Brian Salazar, and Governor Walker
Thirteen Alaskans Awarded As Top Volunteers
Press Release: 16-036
First Lady Donna Walker announced today the recipients of the 2016 First Lady's Volunteer of the Year Awards. More than 90 Alaskans from around the state were nominated for the awards. Recipients were carefully chosen by the First Lady and members of the selection committee. Winners will be honored during a luncheon at the Governor's House on Wednesday, May 4.

Tessa Salazar is an extraordinary 12-year-old philanthropist with a big heart for her neighbors and the Ketchikan community. When she was 7 years old, Tessa told her mother she wanted to raise money for the local homeless shelter. From this, Kids' Cookies for a Cause was born. Tessa, her mother, grandparents and friends set out to bake their favorite holiday treats to sell at the mall. That first year, they raised more than $1,000 for the shelter. Due to Tessa's hard work, determination, and charitable spirit, the program has grown significantly and is well-known throughout the community. In the years since, Kids' Cookies for a Cause has raised almost $40,000 and donated to five different causes in and around Ketchikan. Tessa also serves as president of her middle school's Rotary Interact group and regularly volunteers with the elderly at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.

Mat Su Rotary 5k

For the annual Mat Su Rotary 5K this year, the Wasilla Club knew they needed to change things up as participation had been dropping in prior years and the event was going to die if it stayed the same.

Instead of a sanctioned run, they went with a themed run - The Rotary Running Dead 5K! They also enlisted the help of all the Valley Clubs to put this event together making it a true Mat Su Rotary 5K. Runners and walkers (the walking dead that is) came out to help raise funds for scholarships on April 30. With 206 registered for the event, the participants were more than doubled over last year. There were also over 40 volunteers who were zombies, flaggers, and helping put on the event. Awards were given for the first to cross the finish line in 3 age categories as well as the Red Tombstone for the one who came in last, Largest Family, Largest Corporation, and best Zombie Costume. Navigating through the course the participants dodged the zombies lurking on the trail. You never knew where they may be hiding - behind a tree, a garbage can or a box. Participants who wanted the full experience were given belts with flags. Envision flag football. As they ran the course, zombies would attempt to take the flags. Those who had all flags still attached to the belt at the end of the race received a special award. Everyone who still had at least one flag also received something and were congratulated for surviving the course. All who crossed the finish line had the honor of stating "I survived the running dead." Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next 5K.

Approximately $10,000 was raised for scholarships to be given out for 2017 graduates. 2016 Scholarship Recipients.  This year the Wasilla Noon Club awarded $11,000 in scholarships to six High School graduates who had outstanding leadership skills, commitment to public service, high academic achievement, participation in extra-curricular activities, and a plan to attend college, a university or continuing education program.

The funds were raised through the 2015 Mat SU 5K and the 2015 Rotary Uncorked events.
New Member Induction - Anchorage South Rotary
Dean McVey_ New Member - Chuck Heath_ Mike Ferris

Mother_s Day Flower Delivery to Providence Extended Care Keith _in red shirt__ Michael Archer_ Julie Erickson


  Anchorage South Parcel Post Party   Jess Gutzwiler, Amy Mackey Hornack, Denise Kipke, Aaron Gutzwiler, Julie Erickson
Anchorage South Parcel Post Party Jess Gutzwiler_ Amy Mackey Hornack_ Denise Kipke_ Aaron Gutzwiler_ Julie Erickson

Rotary Rewards Program 
At the beginning of this Rotary year, President K.R. Ravindran unveiled Rotary Global Rewards, which is a program accessible by Rotary and Rotoract members online through My Rotary. The program provides discounts and other promotions on products and services from national and international companies.

Discounts and other rewards are designed to give back to Rotarians who already give to others through our service. Right now on Rotary Rewards there are numerous discounts available on travel, insurance, business services, and other merchants. Log in to My Rotary on rotary.org, sign into your My Rotary account to access the rewards page or go to www.rotary.org/globalrewards. If you have the Rotary Club Locator app, a link exists to take you direct to the rewards page.

The rewards program is also a way to benefit the Rotary Foundation. By using the links in Global Rewards, a percentage of purchases made will go back to the Rotary Foundation. These offers include many national retailers such as amazon.com, Home Depot, FedEx, Apple, Dell, and many airlines and hotels. Many of these offers simply require the user to access the regular website through the rotary link. This is an easy way to give back to Rotary with merchants many of us already do business with! If you don't have a My Rotary account, log on to rotary.org today to sign up. I challenge each Rotarian to login and explore the program. Rotarians can also set up offers within the rewards program for their own businesses! Please contact me at dan.nelson.ak@gmail.com if you have any questions or difficulties accessing or using the Global Rewards program.

In Rotary,
Dan Nelson

Rotary Global Rewards District Chair


Box in action at Shelter Box Breakfast!

Council on Legislation
Dear D5010 Rotarians,
The Rotary Council on Legislation (COL), Rotary's legislature, was held in April in Chicago.  Meeting in the spring every three years, the Council is made up of one representative from every Rotary district.   The purpose of the Council is to consider proposals by Rotary clubs, districts and the RI Board for changes in the way Rotary operates at every level of the organization.
At the 2016 Council, identified as one of the most progressive in Rotary's history, many actions were taken to strengthen Rotary as we look to the future. There are many exciting new opportunities for clubs, including significant flexibility changes so that your club can make its own decisions on matters ranging from meeting frequency and attendance to membership types to best meet the needs of your community.  You can find a summary report of key changes at www.rotary5010.org under the Home Page, Download Files link on the right side
An official report of action will be compiled, sent to clubs and posted online by Rotary International within two months of the COL. Clubs will also have an opportunity to oppose any approved legislation during the following two months through a form included in the report.   All Council actions otherwise go into effect 1 July.
You are highly encouraged to hold a discussion of Council actions with your club at an upcoming meeting or at its next assembly.  If you would like more information or help in planning this assembly, please contact us.
In addition, mark your calendar for upcoming D5010 webinar which will summarize the key outcomes of the 2016 Council and discuss actions your club can take to benefit from the new flexibility options.
The dates for the webinars are:
Wednesday, June 15 OR Thursday, June 23
5:30 to 6:30 pm AKDT; 6:30 to 7:30 pm PDT
Details and a link to register will be sent to all Rotarians in early June.
For questions or more information on the Council or its decisions, please contact us.
Gayle Knepper
Past District Governor/COL Representative
Jane Little
Past District Governor/Alternate COL Representative

2016-17 Leadership

Rotary International Monthly themes and dates - 2016-17 calendar

Visit this calendar throughout the year to find award deadlines and convention and event information. Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions. All dates are subject to change.


The Rotary Months designations changed, effective 1 July 2015. You'll find the new ones below, in the 2015-16 calendar. Use them at your regular meetings to promote Rotary's involvement in these activities.



1 July - Start of new Rotary officers' year of service

Membership and New Club Development Month

Basic Education and Literacy Month

1 September - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Service Above Self Award

Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary Foundation Month

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Service Award for a Polio-Free World

1 November - Deadline to submit nominations for the Rotary Vocational Service Leadership Award

2-8 November - World Interact Week

Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

15 December - Early registration discount ends for RI Convention

Vocational Service Month

17-23 January - International Assembly, San Diego, California, USA

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

23 February - Rotary's anniversary

Water and Sanitation Month

1 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award

7-13 March - World Rotaract Week

15 March - Deadline for district governors to submit nominations for the Significant Achievement Award (for clubs)

31 March - Preregistration discount ends for RI Convention

Maternal and Child Health Month

1 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Rotary and Rotaract clubs

11-15 April - Council on Legislation

15 April - Deadline to report activities to earn a Presidential Citation for Interact clubs

30 April - Registration/ticket cancellation deadline for RI Convention

Youth Services Month

28 May-1 June - RI Convention, Seoul, Korea

Rotary Fellowships Month

30 June - Deadline to submit nominations for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award

30 June - Deadline for zones to submit nominations for the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year


Thank you for being Rotarians and sharing your gifts.
DG Brad Gamble


In Rotary Spirit,

Rosie Roppel News Editor -  
Next deadline is July 15, 2016
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City
(I want to thank all of your who have posted to Facebook, Clubrunner, and have sent in photos and information for the newsletter..."Be a Gift to the World")

Rotary District 5010



"RI President  Ravi" Ravindram
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