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The First Ever Crazy Deals Exclusive Sale Plus    Much More Including Atlanta Main Events!!!

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Welcome to the Email News Express featuring the latest from DGUSA and EVOLVE. This one will focus primarily on DGUSA and the first ever Crazy Deals sale. Crazy Deals is something we will include every so often in the Email News Express offering you sales that you won't find on DGUSA.tv, EVOLVEwrestling.com or anywhere else.

Before we get to the latest happenings, we just want to remind you that EVOLVE returns to action on April 19th for a special Tuesday night event at BB King Blues Club & Grill in Times Square, Manhattan, New York. The first matches will be announced soon. Tickets are now on sale in the www.EVOLVEwrestling.com Shop or by calling 267-519-9744.

ATTN: WRESTLERS- DGUSA will have two Seminar/Tryouts in April. The first will be on April 1st in Burlington, NC with CIMA and Naruki Doi as the head trainers. Then there will be one on April 2nd in Atlanta with Masato Yoshino and PAC as the head trainers. This is your chance to get in the ring with some of Dragon Gate's most important figures, learn the Dragon Gate system, get immediate feedback from Japan's best, improve your resume and possibly get booked. Several wrestlers have been booked on DGUSA events out of the Seminar/Tryouts. For more info go to the www.DGUSA.tv Seminar/Tryouts section.

Now let's get to the news....
Exclusive Sale!!!

Click here to purchase

Click on the above link for some exclusive deals from the Email News Express. You won't find these offers anywhere else. Act now, because these deals will end on March 11th.

To take advantage of the ticket and DVD deals just click the above link and use the drop down menu for six incredible offers. You will see 1st rows for the April 1st Burlington, NC event and 2nd rows for both Atlanta events for 25% off with 2-Packs. WE WILL NOT MAKE THESE OFFERS ANYWHERE ELSE. In fact, this will be our only ticket sale for the Atlanta events.

If you are having trouble with the drop down menu you can place your order by calling 267-519-9744. Remember, you only have until this Friday to take advantage.
More Crazy Deals!!!

Not only do we have three incredible live event ticket offers as part of our Crazy Deals, but we also have DVD offers. Just use the drop down menu to get the following:

-"Open The Freedom Gate" 2 DVD set for $15: See the entire Open The Freedom Gate Title tournament including YAMATO vs. Davey Richards and the incredible Four Way Elimination Match finals. Plus, a loaded bonus disc!!!

-"Fearless" 2 DVD set for $15: You'll get the 1st two Freedom Gate Title Matches from Chicago and Japan as well as two Davey Richards vs. Masaaki Mochizuki bouts from both countries.

-"Best Of Wrestle JAM" & "Global Gate" together for $25: This is our best deal yet. You'll get 5 cards on 4 DVDs with all of Dragon Gate's best and an incredible talent roster from Europe and America.

These Crazy Deals are only good until March 11th.
3 DVDs For $45

The current DGUSA.tv Weekly Special is now available in the Store or by calling 267-519-9744 until this Wednesday. You can now get any 3 DGUSA DVDs for just $45!!! This comes out to 25% off.


This includes all our double DVD sets and the three most recent events with Bryan Danielson. Here's just a few of the titles you can catch up on:


-"Way Of The Ronin" with Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley and Kamikaze USA vs. World-1 six man!!!


-"Untouchable 2010" with Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO and Shingo vs. Dragon Kid!!!


-"Mercury Rising" with Warriors vs. World-1 six man and YAMATO vs. Susumu Yokosuka!!!


-"Open The Ultimate Gate" with Warriors vs. Young Bucks & Jack Evans and Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi match of the year from Japan!!!


Check the www.DGUSA.tv Store for other Titles!!!

Title Matches Signed

It's official!!! Austin Aries will challenge Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO on April 2nd in Atlanta. Aries stated in this must see promo that his DGUSA career will also be on the line!!!

We have another huge title match to announce now. Akira Tozawa earned a title shot based on his performance at "United" weekend. Now he will also get it on April 2nd, but it will be for the Open The Brave Gate Title against PAC.

This gives April 2nd a triple main event of YAMATO vs. Aries for the DGUSA Title, PAC vs. Tozawa for the Brave Gate Title and Blood Warriors vs. Ronin in the tradional six man tag. Go to DGUSA.tv for even more matches!!!

DGUSA.tv will have several more bouts for the special April 3rd noon event in Atlanta. Remember, 2nd row Golden Circle for both Atlanta events are 25% off with 2-Packs as part of our Crazy Deals until this Friday. This will be our only ticket sale for the Atlanta events so don't miss out!!!

All other tickets are now available in the DGUSA.tv Store.
NC Tix Code

DGUSA will "Open The Southern Gate" on April 1st with an event in Burlington, North Carolina, which is close to Greensboro, Raleigh and just two hours from Charlotte. Tickets are now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744.

Use the code "PAC" in the special instructions when you order and we'll give you 10% off tickets. You will initially be charged full price, but we will give you a refund shortly after you order (this cannot be combined with the Crazy Deal offer, code expires on March 11th).

If you want to save even more on the best seats in the house, take advantage of our Crazy Deal and save 25% on a 2-Pack of 1st row Golden Circle tickets. Act now, because this insane deal ends on March 11th. This is the only time we will offer a sale for 1st rows.

The event will feature two new concepts. Stable Shootout will pit Ronin vs. Blood Warriors in a series of four matches including the one-time-only dream tag of PAC & Ricochet vs. Akira Tozawa & Chuck Taylor!!!

Plus, the first ever Breakout Challenge will take place featuring eight of the most driven newcomers as they attempt to breakout of the pack. Go to www.DGUSA.tv Live Events section for complete lineup.
PPV This Friday
"United We Stand" will premiere on pay-per-view on DISH Network, iN DEMAND and cable systems everywhere this Friday night. Check your local listings for time and channel (note for iN DEMAND customers: The PPV will be on the secondary PPV channel)

History will be made as you'll witness the crowning of the first ever Open The United Gate Champions when Masato Yoshino & PAC face Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano. You'll see the first match of the year contender for 2011 when BxB Hulk battles Akira Tozawa. Plus: Eight man tag team action with Blood Warriors vs. Jimmy Jacobs' all star team, violence with Homicide vs. Jon Moxley in a No Rules Match and more!!!

If you have cable with On Demand you can now watch a free 10-minute preview in the same section with the WWE, UFC, Boxing previews. We just released this Hulk vs. Tozawa video online today. Take a minute and check it out:
DGUSA.tv - BxB Hulk vs. Akira Tozawa
DGUSA.tv - BxB Hulk vs. Akira Tozawa

We greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to read the Email News Express. We are preparing to announce the details of our return to Massachusetts and a new show in the New York market. Check www.DGUSA.tv this week for all the info. Thank you for your support. 
Jimmy Jacobs- This is Where I'm Going
Jimmy Jacobs- This is Where I'm Going

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