February 16, 2019
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DHM Updates
Disciples Women
Woman to Woman Worldwide 2019 - click image for more info!

3000 finger labyrinths for GA - click image for more info!

Christian Education/Faith Formation
Lent Devotional Resource Now Available
The 2019 Lent resources are written by the Rev. Dr. Betty Miller Green and the Rev. Dr. Irvin W. Green. Visit Disciples Home Missions website to 

African American History Month
The month of February has been designated as African American History Month, however it should serve as a catalyst for exploring all year long. African American History is American History. The discoveries and accomplishments have benefitted all of us. This resource includes worship materials, and study resources. Discover some of the many Black Disciples who have made a difference and impact in our Church and World. Our hope is that these resources will be shared within your congregation and community. The 2019 resource is now available for download on the Disciples Home Missions website.
Disciples Men
Disciples Home Missions (DHM) is grateful to announce the call of new leadership to offer their gifts among Disciples Men in the persons of J Gregory "Greg" Alexander as Director of Disciples Men and N Alexander "Alex" Ruth as Associate Director of Disciples Men! Alex began his tenure effective January 1st and Greg will start in April. Read the full story!
Disciples Volunteering
DHM Summer Intern Program is recruiting young adults for a summer of service in disaster or mission settings. Not sure what you want to do with your life? Sure, but not sure how it jibes with a life of faith? This could be a redefining time for you! Application materials are online  here .  
DHM at General Assembly
The Ministries of Disciples Home Missions and Disciples Women will be offering valuable resources during the General Assembly Education Sessions. General Assembly always presents wonderful and engaging opportunities for education, sharing ideas with others, and participating in meaningful and resource-building discussion.

Here are some of the workshops offered:

The workshops will be two continuous sessions:
Session 1 ~ 1:30-2:50 p.m.                                                                  Session 2 ~ 3:00 - 4:30

Examining Your Role as Elder in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Historically, the various functions of Elders in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have been, and continues to be significant. In this workshop we will examine the role of Elders, who are called to be primary in church leadership, along with service as teachers, and shepherds. Most importantly, and with great significance Elders participate in the service at the Lord's Table. This workshop will examine the roles of Elders in many capacities and offer education, training and resources to strengthen leadership within the church.
Presenters: Leadership Initiative Team of Disciples Home Missions

Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations
This workshop helps your congregation bring to flesh and life "On Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations," the GA-1723 Resolution passed at our last Disciples General Assembly. Part 1 will provide a context of historical exclusionary laws and current challenges such as cuts to DACA, Temporary Protected Status, family separation policies, border practices, enforcement increases, legal immigration limits, and refugee changes that frame the immigrant rights and advocacy landscape today. Those challenges will "gain a face" through the voices and stories of directly impacted communities from multiple backgrounds of Hispanic/Latinx, AAPI, and undocumented Black populations. Participants in this workshop will then review the Disciples "Immigrant Welcoming Congregation" movement, hear a testimony from an initial "IWC," and learn how their congregation can start the process of becoming a Disciples "IWC," too! The second half of the workshop will build upon Part 1 and answer the question, "What can I and my congregation DO?" by offering key models of immigrant community protections, healing, and relationship building needed in today's context of racism and anti-immigrant policies and pushback.

Participants will hear from leaders about meaningful practices such as centering leadership among directly impacted partners, mental health trauma care, family emergency planning, accompaniment and rapid response, networks for solidarity, and advocacy campaigns to support refugees and immigrants in this time.

Participation in both workshops will help move churches towards "Immigrant Welcoming Congregation" identity.
Presenters: Sharon Stanley-Rea, Tana Liu-Beers, Lori Tapia, Chung Seong Kim
 are directed to our  most valuable asset - congregations and their leaders!

Be sure to look for the latest issue of the  Disciples Advocate  online.
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