November 15, 2021

Dear DHS Students and Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As you are aware, Semester 1 "final exams" are the week prior to Winter Break: Tuesday, December 14 - Thursday, December 16. During this week, teachers may implement a summative assessment which will be used to evaluate student learning of course-specific standards at the conclusion of the semester. Summative assessments may include exams, projects, papers, or presentations for example. Given the variety of summative assessment options, “final exams week” will now be known as “summative assessment week."

For more details about the First Semester Summative Assessment Week, please review this google doc. Please be especially aware of the procedures for completing make-up and conflict exams. Following Thanksgiving Break, teachers will share specific plans and details for each course for the Summative Assessment Week. 


Kathryn Anderson